Favorite Sonoran Sound: Empty / Every Mountain by Ohioan

ohioan 00I don’t even know what to say about the 2016 release from Tucson-based band, Ohioan, except that it is a beautiful and breathtaking album that every desert dweller should have in their personal collection.

Empty / Every Mountain was released back in May and contains six tracks of Appalachian-tinged, desert-drone, folk rock. The themes on this album run deep and the texturing is thoughtful and rich. The lavish imagery contained in the lyrics carries a desolate sense of place and self that carries the astute listener along on an introspective journey to understand the deeper truths that lie hidden beneath the fodder of contemporary culture.

Empty / Every Mountain reshapes the quintessential Sonoran sound by incorporating musical permutations from other regions which is rather befitting given that many of the people who call this desert home were originally born to other lands. But few Arizona artists, whether true born or reborn to the desert, manage the windswept elegance one finds on Empty / Every Mountain. 

Sink into the Sonoran Sound of Ohioan below or head here to score your own cassette copy of Empty / Every Mountain through Baby Tooth Records.


Original review of Empty / Every Mountain by Ohioan

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