Radio Phoenix Podcast: Travis James

travis james 00Travis James showed up with a crew when he came down to the Radio Phoenix studios. We talked all his current projects, Slope Records, and what’s upcoming for mohawked troubadour. Plus, he brought a ton of great tracks including some that can be heard no where else (for now)! As always, you can check out the complete playlist below.

Complete Playlist:

Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists “Shiny New Toys”

The Linecutters “Education”

Sad Kid “Gas Station Burrito”

The Haymarket Squares “Burn it down”

Monster May I “Goodnight Goodnight”

Couples Fight “Space”

Travis James and the AAA “Eviction Ballad”

Diego Galvan “Life Has Been Empty”

Sarah Amstutz “Empty Plate, Empty Girl”

Rum Drinker “Tropical Contact High”

Sugar Skull Explosion “I Don’t Want To”

Andy Warpigs “N Bombs and C Bombs”

The Doyenne “G U L L Y”


Recorded live on December 7, 2016

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