7 Seasonal Singles


by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Ms. Maura & The Misters

“Snowmen in L.A.”

This upbeat number about the holiday season in Sunny Los Angeles is something desert rats like me can relate to. Lack of snowmen, or snow for that matter, won’t bring us down. Ms. Maura & The Misters, out of L.A., offer up this bluesy tribute to the season that will spice up any holiday party playlist. Listen below…

Candy Cigarettes

“A Whale’s Christmas in Childress, TX”

The Portland-based indie outfit known as Candy Cigarettes crafted this holiday ditty in their own dreampop style: something sweet and a little strange. “A Whale’s Christmas in Childress, TX” conveys the tale of a young boy who asked Santa to turn him into a whale for Xmas and now spends his days exploring the ocean. Except, of course, at Christmastime when he returns to Childress, TX. Obviously. This track from Candy Cigarettes is a gem. Give it a spin below…

Scott Keo & Miss Krystle

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

What happens when an Electro-Pop Princess teams up with a Michael Bublé Tribute Artist? You get this stellar rendition of the seasonal classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. These Arizona-based artists have the talent and showmanship to take this frequently covered classic and make it all their own. Check out the video for “Baby It’s Cold Outside” here…


“Sleigh Ride”

Four sisters from Colorado make up the musical quartet known as SHEL. The band recently released a collection of holiday tracks in November titled Winter Fairyland. The EP consists of three original songs and three seasonal standards, including this lovely rendition of “Sleigh Ride”.  Rich harmonies meet lithe musicality on this updated classic. Give “Sleigh Ride” by SHEL a spin below and consider adding Winter Fairyland to your Christmas collection (available here).

Tyler Bernhardt

“A Man in a Red Suit”

New York-based singer-songwriter is either telling a home invasion story or creating a new holiday number on his single, “A Man in a Red Suit”. I’m banking on the latter and the incorporation of certain commonly recognized seasonal melodies within the overarching musicality on this track leads me to believe I am correct. Bernhardt crafts a peaceful indie-folk number that you might just want to keep on your playlist as we move into the new year. Give “A Man in a Red Suit” a listen below and then continue on to listen to more tracks from Tyler Bernhardt available through his Soundcloud page.


“Christmas Intent: $h***y”

Let’s change gears for a moment. After all, the holidays aren’t a warm bubble of joy in the middle of a cold season… at least, not for everyone. For those that get lugubrious as soon as the mistletoe is hung, there is Snailmate, a band that defies all genres with their hiphop-electro-experimental-ism. “Christmas Intent: $h***y” is not only for the downtrodden and the heartbroken, but the slightly strange as well.


“Me and My Baby (Spend Christmas with Me)”

The Faithettes released their first single (ever) this holiday season. The London-based act, fronted by Paloma Faith, have been performing for years and perfecting that 60s Motown vibe that pervades this new Christmas classic. “Me and My Baby (Spend Christmas with Me)” is available through both iTunes & Spotify so you can add it to your holiday playlists. And you should.

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