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Tucson musician John Polle of Whispering Wires and Discos took some time out of his schedule to participate in our Tastemaker’s Ten. As per usual, we asked him to select ten tracks that he feels everyone should hear. What came back was an eclectic mix of singles from Arizona and beyond; unconfinedRead More →

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by Nicole Royse Arts Editor – The Downtown Tempe Authority (DTA) has answered the community’s call for more support of the local music community and created Beyond the Bricks. This recently launched event offers great live music from local bands, beer + wine, food from downtown Tempe restaurants, and moreRead More →

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MRCH “Glitter McQueen” Sleep State “Making Up the Rules” Glass Spells “Danger Streets” Vanda “Young for Life” FELEKÉ “This Isn’t Love” Miss Krystle “Focused All Night” J Sutta “Distortion”  Read More →

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The Foster Family Band “How Can I?” This single is the opening track from the debut EP by The Foster Family. Now, this is a release that I’ve been waiting for. “How Can I?” offers up a bluesy introduction to the unique sounds of The Foster Family Band; a seven-pieceRead More →

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Okilly Dokilly “White Wine Spritzer” La Bête Blooms “Breaking In” Sonoran Chorus “Dog” Frequency Within “Wonder” Red Tank! “Anthropocene” Surviving the Era “City Church” Moth Wings “I Used to Hate Myself”Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Danielle Wood, and I am a visual artist. I work predominately in ceramics and enjoy creating installations and individual sculptural forms inspired by nature. How did you get your start? The first show I participated in downtown Phoenix wasRead More →

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Adejoké “Dem A Say” Usually, reggae is not my thing. I usually leave those submissions to the other senior editor on staff, but as soon as I heard “Dem A Say” by Adejoké, I was hooked. Combining elements of soul, indiepop, dancehall, and other disparate genres that fuse together seamlessly intoRead More →

standing rock 00

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – We decided to take a moment out of our regularly scheduled music programming to bring you a special holiday message this Thanksgiving. Sure, a few weeks ago I would have said that most of the people in this country are horrified by the atrocities committed byRead More →

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Grandpa Grew Trees “Your Song” This single from Grandpa Grew Trees starts of like a gentle breeze that whispers of a brewing storm. “Your Song” gains force, and angst, as the music progresses. Elijah Poston, songwriter for Grandpa Grew Trees, demonstrates real emotive energy on “Your Song”, something I look forward toRead More →

decker. “Holy Ghost” Sofar New York AJJ “No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread” from The Trundle Sessions Courtney Marie Andrews “Irene” Live on KEXP Brian Lopez “Static Noise” from The Crypt Sessions Lily Virginia “Long Time” Henry Black “Six Feet Under” from Sofar New York Andrea Silva “Dirt”  Read More →

Eclectic Pop albums 00

by Carly Schorman Senior Editor lost valley lost valley Brooklyn’s lost valley proves you can do a little with a lot. On his self-titled debut, you’ll find 11 stripped-down tracks of some of the best bedroom pop I’ve heard in quite some time. “ctl” kicks off the release with somethingRead More →