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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Ah, the blanket definition of the term “world music.” I must start this article with some block text copy from Wikipedia that I find fascinating and hilarious so, if you’re not into that, go ahead and skip right down to the bands. Still with me?Read More →

gork 00

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Gork’s new four-track disc, Lonely Crowd, isn’t perfect. What record is? However, it’s surprisingly filled with terrific melodies and thoughtful, stirring lyrics. The music gets downright soulful. A very, very good first effort. But first, the backstory… You know, there have been a lot of musicians whoRead More →

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Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs “Hey Bay” Sunday at Noon “Brain Damage” Maadwest “Skateboard” Labor Party “Underbelly” Moovalya “Flatline” The Yeahtones “A Real Song” Joeseph Jaymes “Dick in the Dirt”Read More →

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The stellar Amy Young – writer for too many publications to mention, drummer for French Girls, art aficionado & curator, and community builder who is also a Girls Rock! Phoenix staff member – took some time out of her busy schedule to assemble her list of ten favorite tracks that she feelsRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor FEMNY “Duck Jesus” I’m not sure what a “glam jock” sound is, but if FEMNY is a good representation of that genre, I’ll take it. I’m more inclined to say they put a lounge-spin on indie dreampop, but that’s me. This PHX act is justRead More →

seriously stellar 00

Sarah Klang “Sleep” Angel Olsen “Sister” Kishi Bashi “Hey Big Star” Skating Polly “Picker of His Words” The Handsome Family “Tiny Tina” Mass Gothic “Nice Night” La Lenguas “Broken Heart Disease”  Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? I am Koryn Woodward Wasson and I am an artist. I draw mostly, but I am currently riding the wave of mural painting. How did you get your start? I have always made and been encouraged to make art, but when IRead More →

phantom party 00

We’re big fans of Phantom Party so we were excited to spend some time with the band at Radio Phoenix for another installment of Rise! Local music, dank memes, and the band’s anti-vowel stance were topics of discussion. And, as always, the band brought some great tracks from some ofRead More →

electropop 00

ATR31 “The Air” The duo known as ATR31 is so uber hip and modern they actually met on Tinder. True story. The pair established a musical connection and took their project’s name from the anime series, and movie, Neon Genesis Evangelion. “The Air” comes to us from their self-titled debut EP.Read More →

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Mega Ran & Mr. J1S “Turnabout” We all have that one that got away. “Turnabout” deals with just that sense of loss. PHX-based MC, Megan Ran, joins forces with Mr. J1S outta New York for this number. “Turnabout” was produced by Sonic Skillz and possess a mellow vibe that leadsRead More →