6 Americana Singles

The Handsome Family


I love love love The Handsome Family so I’ve been counting down the days until their new album comes out next month. Unseen, the 10th studio release from the married duo, drops on September 16th, but The Handsome Family shared this little ditty to tide fans over until the full album reaches record stores. “Gold” is a haunting murder ballad that follows you down the street on a cold and windy night. It will stay with you, breathe softly behind you, and watch you while you sleep. Listen to “Gold” here…

Henry Black

Six Feet Underground

Singer-songwriter Henry Black has an earthen sound that highlights the indie-folk feel of his music. “Six Feet Underground” offers listeners a somber and stripped-down number that could easily be included on the soundtrack in some windswept Western. Not bad for a city boy out of New York. Listen to “Six Feet Under” and, if you like what you’re hearing, delve further into Henry Black’s demos (available on Soundcloud).

Winchester Treaty

“Your Mother’s Chair”

This song comes to us from the Philly 3-piece known as Winchester Treaty. Who knew Pennsylvanians could have such a Western sensibility? “Your Mother’s Chair” could liven up anyone of our dusty, desert stages with their folksy style of indie rock. Fans of the Avett Brothers should give Winchester Treaty a spin. Listen to “Your Mother’s Chair” here and, if you like the single, move on to the full EP by the same title.

The Other Words

Don’t Take Me For Granted

This country-infused folk act out of Los Angeles packs some serious down-home punch. Between the twangy vocals and eclectic instrumentation that includes a banjo, stand-up bass, and lap steel, The Other Words has a rustic feel with some modern rock chutzpah. If you’re partial to a little Southern-style, musically-speaking, I would recommend looking into The Other Words. “Don’t Take Me For Granted” can be heard here and additional tracks are available through their Soundcloud page.


Like What I See

This indie outfit from Austin definitely has an alt-country feel that we can get behind. “Like What I See” is mellow and lively at the same time; fusing indie and Americana seamlessly into a singular sound. I especially enjoy the harmonies between the two vocalists on this track: the world-weary and the uplifting. Give “Like What I See” a listen and, if you like what you hear, check out additional tracks from Kindatheart.

Robin Lynch

“Hold Your Horses”

Robin Lynch doesn’t go in for that newfangled electro-infused R&B. He’s more roots in his rhythm and creates music inspired by the Delta Blues. Lynch’s latest single, “Hold Your Horses”, brings to mind artists like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker with a sound more Middle America than most of Middle America. I’m also a big fan of “Rambling Pony”, another track available on Robin Lynch’s Soundcloud page. So, if you like “Hold Your Horses”, I recommend delving further into Lynch’s musical offerings.


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