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Human Behavior “Chops Off My Head” from Sofar Tucson Henry Black “Queen of Brooklyn” Mimi Gilbert “Alabama” from The Trundle Sessions Exit Glaciers “Cascades from Sofar Denton REDD ft. Mira Blues “Her Story” DENM “Under Pressure”Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? I am a follower of Jesus, clothed as an artist, working in pastels and now oils. A member of the Arizona Pastel Artists Assoc. and Pastel Society of America. I also work at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I am in a ministry toRead More →

Local punk rockers Man Hands came down to the Phoenix Center for the Arts for another installment of Rise on Radio Phoenix. And of course they brought along some stellar tunes. The complete playlist can be found below. Complete playlist: Man Hands “Chloroform” The Screamers “Vertigo” Lenguas Largas “Little C’s”Read More →

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MRCH I Love You But You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About That’s a rather long EP title for a band I would usually describe as terse. They don’t even give us a vowel in their band name and most of their tracks have one word titles. The breathy electropopRead More →

Simeon Beardsley “Michael” from The Trundle Sessions Stephen Steinbrink “I’m Turning Inside Out” Live at Little Elephant John Rossiter “Every Little from A Fistful of Vinyl The Cloud Walls “Magdalene” from The T-Town Sessions The Thermals “My Heart Went Cold” Live on KEXPRead More →

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by Chris Nunley Staff Writer – Whoever said that you eventually get accustomed to the summers here in Phoenix is a damn fool. There is NO getting used to them! In the four short years that I’ve been in the Valley, they seem to only get worse with each revolution. ApocalypticRead More →

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Lando Chill “Early in the Morning” The smooth rhymes of Lando Chill have been garnishing a lot of media attention of late. Fans, both new and old, will be excited to learn that the Tucson emcee will be releasing a new album in August titled For Mark, Your Son. Don’tRead More →

Who are you and what do you do? Emmett Potter and I am an artist. How did you get your start? I started in photography in the late 80’s and transitioned into graphic design by the 90’s. By 2006, I was really wanting to get back into creating artwork, but hadRead More →

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by Carly Schorman Senior Editor – You might have noticed some big changes around here. First, there’s the website design that we originally planned to launch on August 1st, but we finished early and someone (ahem, it was me) couldn’t wait to show off our new digs. As we drew closerRead More →

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Cadence Kid “Hold On Me” Connor Evans “No Stress” Buddha Trixie “Real”  Fellow Wolf “The Bluebird” Late Night Revival “Irony”  Read More →