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by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Things That Aren’t Words Remember the Details The Tucson five-piece known as Things That Aren’t Words released their 5-track debut in April. Remember the Details achieves that compelling combination of sweet and somber with an enchanting musicality and poetic lyrics. “Your Heart is an Ocean” opens the EP, drawingRead More →

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Genre “Speak Now” Taylor Upsahl “Follow Me” Badio “2nd Coming” Extra Spooky “Ghosts” Glass Spells “Away from Space”  Read More →

Who are you and what do you do? David Miller – multimedia artist – so photography, short films, animation and sound design. How did you get your start? I was taking photos of my friends in high school and making short films for all of our school projects, including aRead More →

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Celebration Guns joined us down at Radio Phoenix studios for our bi-monthly installment of Rise! They brought along some swell tunes to share. The complete playlist can be found below. Good job on the inclusion of crowd noises, sound editor. Complete Playlist: Celebration Guns “The Volunteer” Twin Ponies “Willoughby” SaddlesRead More →

by Chris Nunley Staff Writer Oh man…if there is one thing that I do love in this world more than music, it’s food. Particularly lasagna. It’s probably the single most evolutionary dish on the planet because it evolves after preparation. Sure, you could eat it immediately after it’s ready. ButRead More →

3 Stellar 3-Song Releases

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor Sonoran Chorus Laird Sonoran Chorus might have only popped on the local scene less than a year ago, but they’ve already released a two-track single and a six-track EP. Now, they have the three-track Laird to add to their ever expanding discography. We were first introducedRead More →

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor One of the best things about writing for the mighty YabYum is that I get to listen music before anyone else. The only thing that makes it better is when I get to listen to music when it’s as wonderful and heartfelt as Shawn Skinner andRead More →

The Haymarket Squares “Heaven” Wolvves “Bouquet of Lightning” Doll Skin “Family of Strangers” Christopher Shayne “Give a Damn” Scattered Guts “Beer”  Read More →

Who are you and what do you do? I’m Heidi Abrahamson. I’m a Metalsmith. I make jewelry. How did you get your start? In the early 70’s, my mother started collecting and selling modernist jewelry, along with antique, as she was an antique dealer. That’s when it all really began.Read More →

Ariel Monet and Kalen Lander, the duo known as Snailmate, came down to Radio Phoenix for a 420 special. We discuss the dangers of Kool-Aid drinking contests, the Snailmate EP trifecta, and play a bunch of great tracks that the band sent over for the show. Now available in podcastRead More →