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Closing the Distance is a new series in which we try to expose artists with desert roots who have since moved to other locales. Let’s bring this community a little closer together. by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Is it fair to call Marianne Dissard an “International Jet Setter”? Why not? Having touredRead More →

redemptions 00

by Chris Nunley Staff Writer When an album comes into my possession for consideration of a review, I give it a series of “endurance” tests. The first is probably the most critical…the highway test. If I can’t even tolerate it in my car, then it doesn’t see the light ofRead More →

by Lenore LaNova Senior Editor The three-piece psychedelic outfit known as The Blank Waves are getting ready to release their debut s/t album later this week at The Trunk Space downtown. I had a chance to preview the release and I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised byRead More →

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Harper and the Moths “Walking Through Fire” Fairy Bones “Notes From Wonderland” Huckleberry “Bad News” Jerusafunk “Gateway Movement” DWARF “Misinformed”Read More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? I am John Randall Nelson, Bobo Johns, Merry Murphy, Nelso Phoenicio and Jim Dandy, pretty much in that order. I’m also a Dad, a husband, a sculptor, a painter, a candlestick maker, and maybe ADHD. 2. How did you get yourRead More →

Daryl Scherrer and Marc Oxborrow of The Blood Feud Family Singers joined us live on the air for another installment of Rise! on Radio Phoenix. Good tunes and good times abounded. The podcast can be found here along with the complete playlist (below). Complete Playlist: The Blood Feud Family SingersRead More →

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by Chris Nunley Staff Writer Sometime ago, after one of my previous reviews, I received a message with a Batman meme that read “You are the hero that we need”. I guess I said what they (and many others) wanted to say, but couldn’t out of fear of consequence. I respondedRead More →

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by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor I almost feel bad writing about Sundressed and their newest release, The Same Condition, mainly because it’s because it’s like writing about my favorite Unicorn Snuggie. I mean, I love that thing and I couldn’t possibly say something bad about it. Backstory: I’ve been onRead More →

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by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Orin Portnoy is a mystery man to me. I only say this because he fits the definition perfectly: “A man about whom little or nothing is known”. And while it may be true that every person I don’t know is a “mystery” person,” the ideaRead More →

5 rad videos 00

Treasure Mammal “Cassette” Celebration Guns “The Volunteer” Sunset Voodoo “Sweet Release” Blank Waves “All In You” Futuristic x Devon Terrell “Bodied”Read More →

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Who are you and what do you do? My name is Breanna “Breazy” Rose Skoon. I am a Local Phoenix Fashion Designer (Clothing and Jewelry). How did you get your start? I attended FIDM for Fashion Design after High School, but my love of design came at an early age.Read More →