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Phantom Party “Derby Daze” Scattered Melodies “Community” Sam Means “Other Side of You” Marianne Dissard “Heaven Is For Blobfishes” Sonoran Chorus “Hack”Read More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? Allo, Spacecadets! My name is Chris Nunley. I’m a newbie staff writer at YabYum, specializing in stirring the pot and agitating the local music community with the new series “Yab Yuck”. When I’m not pissing off the natives with my non-conformistRead More →

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Haley Grigaitis joined us live on the air at Radio Phoenix for a lively hour of music and conversation. The complete playlist can be found below. Listen to the podcast here… Complete Playlist:  Ruca “The Leavin’” Fayuca “Dirty Girl” Coobee Coo “Never Gonna Leave Your Side” Bogan Via “Kanye” Fairy BonesRead More →

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor When I was in high school I was forced, I mean, there was an assignment to pick a city in Arizona and write an essay on it. I chose Prescott. Music in a sec, first, a little history lesson. Prescott is known for being theRead More →

by Tom Reardon Contributing Writer Valley band LightSpeedGo is celebrating the release of their first EP on California-based label, Felony Records this week. The record itself is a no nonsense pop-punk slab of wax with tight rhythms, nicely blended vocal harmonies, and just enough sass to make the biggest ScreechingRead More →

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by Garyn Klasek Contributing Writer It’s often noticeable that many bands evolve in a musical direction, oftentimes losing that initial intensity as they mature and develop a wider range of fans. While The Haymarket Squares have certainly gotten more popular over the years, they definitely don’t let fame go to theirRead More →

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An Insider’s Introduction is a new series that focuses on the creative individuals that help make Arizona’s music scene so diverse and resplendent.  by Mark Anderson Senior Editor Charles Kendall is an unassuming individual. Soft spoken with a relaxed attitude so I was intrigued to find out he played drums for the hard rockRead More →

1. Who are you and what do you do? I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2010, I started painting. I’m a self-taught abstract painter. While attending Arizona State University, I completed a BS and MSE in civil engineering. Currently, I live in downtown Phoenix and work asRead More →


Danny Torgersen came down to Phoenix Center for the Arts for a new episode of Rise! He brought along a lot of swell tunes to share and filled us in on the Captain Squeegee happenings. The complete playlist can be found below. Listen here… Complete Playlist: Captain Squeegee “Seek” FairyRead More →

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Elephant Weather is Emilio Couchee and is based in Tempe, Arizona. Before I begin, I want to state: I hate this album. I mean, the only way that I could garner up any more vitriol for Odd Skies is that if Couchee records another record –Read More →