Best New Band: Harrison Fjord

photo by Freddie Paull
photo by Freddie Paull

In the past year, Harrison Fjord came seemingly out of nowhere to become a staple on the local music scene. They went from coffee shops to playing to a full house at the Crescent Ballroom and engendering a music video that had received nearly sixty thousand views at our last check. These youngsters are going places and they have a team of supporters to help them get there including filmmaker Freddie Paull and Mixtape Mandi Kimes. But when you remove all the hoopla of their dramatic early rise, what you find is a truly talented group of players creating jazzy-dreamy-space music that gives me hope for the future. This is a band to watch. If you haven’t heard their 2015 debut EP, Puspa in Space, I suggest heading here to do so. Harrison Fjord is also something to experience live so I recommend getting out to a show. You’ll have a chance on Feb. 6th when the band will be playing The Trunk Space with PRO TEENS and Best Dog Award. More info on that event here.


  1. Great choice! Talented bunch!!

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