Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editors Edition


Last minute cancellation? We got this.

In this installment of Rise, show hosts and YabYum editors Mark Anderson & Lenore LaNova got to pick the tracks. The complete playlist can be found below…

Complete Playlist:

Diners “Must Be Nice”

Sam Means “Other Side of You”

Good Friends Great Enemies “Freshman Year (Song for Jack)”

Sweetbleeders “Sleeping Beauty”

Tobie Milford “Queen Isabella”

decker. “Spades”

Katterwaul “Sacred Thing”

Through & Through Gospel Review “Don’t Let it Die”

Sonoran Chorus “Mt. Fuji”

JJCnV “This Place is a Lifestyle”

The Wretched Desert “Dead Reckoning”

Pro Teens “One of these Days”

Dogbreth “Hoarder House”

French Girls “Summertime”

Recorded on November 18, 2015.

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