Radio Phoenix Podcast with Fairy Bones

Fairy Bones

Fairy Bones joined us down at Radio Phoenix studios for an installment of Rise! The podcast is available here and you can find the complete playlist below (including links to the bands)!!

Complete Playlist:

Fairy Bones “You and You Again”

The Burning of Rome “Norman Bates”

The Woodworks “Choke”

Zodiac Bash “Vocosis”

100 Watt Mind “Precious Woman”

Fairy Bones “Heat on the Lips”

Madus “Changing”

Captain Squeegee “Laughability”

Bad Neighbors “Once Upon a Planet”

Steff & the Articles “I Want More”

Paper Foxes “Til Death Do We Party”

Scattered Melodies “Ghost of Deathtrap”

Originally aired on October 7, 2015.

6 Worthy Causes in the Arts

Casa Butthole Records

The Casa Butthole Collective is gearing up to launch a record label and they could use some help along the way. This DIY project aims to promote music in the Phoenix-Metro Area which is something we can definitely get behind. Contributors can earn buttons, tshirts, tapes, or even a subscription to their forthcoming releases. And there are some really rad bands already signed on to the Casa Butthole label. You can see the complete list (and donate) here.

Sonoran Chorus Ready to Make a Music Video

That feisty trio known as Sonoran Chorus are ready to make a music video and they’re working with ASU student filmmaker, Remy Smith. They have some swell prizes in exchange for your donations including buttons and cassette tapes of their upcoming release. Find out more and contribute here.

Help Clay Dudash Record His New EP

Tucson singer-songwriter Clay Dudash is ready to record his new EP, Favourable Behaviour, and could use a little help tackling those recording costs. Learn more and contribute here.

Measure For Measure by the ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club

The ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club plan to bring classical theatre into a modern context but they could use a little assistance. Come on, folks. College is expensive enough so buy your tickets early. In fact, buy them right now, right here.

Help Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold’s Debut Album

Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold have been making a name around the Valley for several years and they’re now ready to head into the studio to record their much-anticipated debut! Jalipaz over at Audioconfusion will be working with Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold on the album for what we feel is a perfect pairing. Contributors can earn good vibes, early copies of the album, band swag, and even a lap dance from Jessie (true story). Learn more and make your contribution here.

Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold

Help 76th Street Record Their Debut EP

This indiepop duo is ready to take their music into the studio to record their debut EP. These ASU students-by-day could use a little community support to reach their goals. Contributors can score digital downloads of the EP, handwritten lyrics, even a in-house performance. More here.

3 Super Cool New Releases


15 Forever

I’ve been hooked on the bluesy garage rock of Tucson’s Katterwaul ever since 2014’s Desert Kats crossed my path. Their freshman release was going to be difficult to top but Katterwaul comes through with high shine on 15 Forever. From the gritty rocknroll of the opening track, “Sacred Thing”, the album moves into the slow-down, but no less powerful, title track. The album has some spaced out, desert psychedelic moments infused into their brash yet soulful style. I suggest “Sound of my Name” if you’re looking for a clear example of this. Other tracks like “The Sister” show more of the band’s barroom brawl energy. Frontwoman Brittany Katter has that edgy coolness that emanates from everything she touches, most especially Katterwaul itself. Add to that the musical prowess of Ben Schneider on drums, Laura Horley on bass, and Jeff Lownsbury laying down some stellar guitar work. The new release was recorded by Jordan Prather of Commercial Appeal Records. We like to see the label keeping it eclectic with this new edition to its menagerie. If you head down to Tucson, there are plenty of chances to catch Katterwaul live. Let’s hope they’re planning some Phoenix shows in the not-too-distant future. Until then, you can preview and purchase 15 Forever (and see show dates) here.




The self-titled release from PRO TEENS has been a much-anticipated addition to my local music catalogue. Maybe that has something to do with the with the fact I’ve seen them perform more than a dozen times since their inception. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’ve gone against the contemporary current getting into the studio as soon as the band finishes writing their first few songs, so I’ve had to wait a little while for this one. The PRO TEENS full-length opens with “Control”, the first single from the album (which you can see the video for here). There is something dismally modern (and I mean that in a good way) about PRO TEENS’ retro-revamped style. Sometimes it seems like the music is moving towards you in sludgy waves, forsaking the crispness other artists pursue when incorporating a throwback trend. I think this is an interesting permutation on the retro-restyled bands that have been popping up on the scene of late. A little more honest if a little more hopeless. That being said, “One of these Days,” one of the album’s more optimistic tracks, is one of my favorites from PRO TEENS. Tracks like “Gjeez, Kjinny” and “Mona” have incorporated a bit of a lounge-act feel that I can definitely get behind while songs like “Lisa” and “Randal Can’t Handle” lean more to the surf-pop side of the beach blanket. Throughout the album there are subtle shifts in style that can be heard within the overarching PRO TEENS sound. Fans will not be disappointed. Listen to PRO TEENS by PRO TEENS here. I also suggest heading out to Valley Bar on Nov. 25th to catch the band live. Once again, you won’t be disappointed.


Harsh Mistress - YabYum Music & Arts Harsh Mistress

Harsh Mistress

The psychedelic garage pop of Tucson’s Harsh Mistress has an effervescent quality that lifts you out of the dredges of daily life. The album opens with “Black Moon” and I thought I was in for just another collection of resurgent rocknroll, albeit, a really rad collection. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I had stumbled across something truly special. Harsh Mistress offers something refreshingly unique. Listen to “It’s A Bright Clear Day” and see if your life doesn’t get better. It’s hard to pick a favorite track although “Why Can’t You Be Serious?” and “Neva Hadda” are definitely in the running. “Static Castle” completes this nostalgia-tinged album with just the right amount of sentimentalism. Matt Rendon and Jeremy Schliewe are the musical partnership behind Harsh Mistress, two names those familiar with Tucson music might readily recognize from projects like The Resonars (Rendon) or The Freezing Hands (Schliewe), amongst other musical endeavors. Harsh Mistress’ self-titled debut is available on cassette from Burger Records here. The album is also available for preview and purchase through Bandcamp here. I guarantee it will get you dancing.


5 Fresh Singles

 1Captain Samurai


The first single from Captain Samurai’s forthcoming release, Hey Thanks Goodbye, is now available for your listening pleasure. “Tired” sounds like the band is moving in good directions since their 2014 release on Rubber Brother Recoreds, Nothing Part Zero. The music is cleaner, more refined, without sacrificing that edgy, garage-rock sound I’ve come to expect from Captain Samurai. I, for one, am excited to hear the rest of Hey Thanks Goodbye. Check out the single “Tired” and pre-order your cassette copy through 80N7 Records here. The full release will be available on November 11th so mark your calendars.


Day Before PlasticsDay Before Plastics


Phoenix rockers known as Day Before Plastics are gearing up for their first LP with the release of a new single. “Papaver” has an upbeat, summertimer pop feel even if the lyrics suggest more tension than ease. If this track is any indication of what’s to come, I expect a lot from Explosive Sadness. Give “Papaver” a listen here. We’ll keep you posted on that release date.



Girl Breath

Maybe you were lucky enough to catch Pageantry out of Denton, TX when they performed at The Trunk Space during their month-long tour earlier this month. If not, you haven’t missed out entirely. You can still check out the band’s spaced-out indie rock with their new single “Girl Breath”. The song is an early sampling from their forthcoming LP titled Influence. You can give the track a listen here.


Jaime Paul LambJaime Von Boji & the Fruit Roll-Ups

Hostage Crisis EP

So, technically speaking, this release from Jaime Von Boji & the Fruit Roll-Ups is actually a three-track EP, but with each tracking clocking in at under 90 seconds, we figured what the hell. The Hostage Crisis EP is almost five whole minutes of garage-rocking good times. Another project from the musical mind of Jaime Paul Lamb, a musician we’re beginning to suspect just sits around and thinks up new band names all day. We don’t care. We love it all. Check out Jaime Von Boji & the Fruit Roll-Ups here.


4The Breaking Pattern


The Breaking Pattern are getting ready to release their debut album under their new moniker and “Alaska” marks the first single from Phoenix five-piece who previously performed as Ezer. The Breaking Pattern definitely falls to the emo-side of the indie rock spectrum. You can listen to the pre-release of “Alaska” here and, if you like what you’re hearing, I suggest sticking around for “The Rapture” for more of that exceedingly emotive groove.

YabYum Seven: Dan Pederson

Dan Pederso11. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Dan Pederson and I’ve lived in mesa Arizona for the past 12 years. I’ve been dabbling with art since college, and for the past 3 years I’ve become more serious and I’m continuing to search for style that ignites and excites my creative process…

My work today is mostly with collage and mixed media, I really love the depth you can get off the flat surface as well all the nooks and crannies that are created. The construction and the deconstruction, my organization of clutter, and the reusing and re-purposing of things makes my work more personal and more importantly intimate and inherently mine…

2. How did you get your start?

I was a music performance major in college and was all into the artsy fartsy stuff. I took dance, art, and music composition. Such a great great time and I had such great teachers and friends, pushing my boundaries everyday and opening up my mind and creativity. I did have this professor in college, Bill Boaz, he once told me if I wasn’t happy with a piece he told me to bury it for 6 months and then dig it up to see if you like it better the 2nd time around. That kinda was mind blowing, for a 18 year old from a conservative upbringing. He, and that time I then started to looked at things differently, with new eyes… everything and everywhere was art.

3. What inspires you? 

– Color …………and Lots of it !!!!!!Dan Pederson
– Simplicity …………. I once overheard 2 ladies talking at a show I had a piece in and they said it looked like a child did it. Best
compliment ever !!!
– A good beat …………music moves and drives me and I listen to all sorts in so many genres anything from classical to punk
– Me personally ………. It all about the process,
it’s euphoric, it’s the frenetic whirlwind of my process that is addictive , the excitement and joy of the process, and the surprise of what is made at the end … so awesome.

4. What do you like about AZ? 

The people….. I’ve met some really super people that have helped me grow as an artist and have had some great opportunities in being able to show my work here in the Phoenix area.

5. Where can we see you(r) work?

As hokey as it sounds , I post almost all my work on Facebook and I will have 3 pieces at Monorchid Gallery in November for the show, Ten: Modern Abstract.

6. What would you like to accomplish before you die? 

Hmmm….. Haven’t really goaled(sic) myself for that, but I suppose to have the ability to continue to work up to that point and feel that euphoria with each work.

7. What is your mantra?

I want my work to continue to surprise me , there is nothing like the surprise of creation and the euphoria from it.

Dan Pederson2 Dan Pederson3

Songs from the Reading Room: Drunk & Horny

YabYum Music & Arts

Ryan Avery and Andrew Jemsek of Drunk & Horny came down to YabYum HQ to record a session of Songs from the Reading Room. Go check out the band live tonight at Casa Lounge in Tempe with Yairms, Heavy the Lightweight, Alhhla, and Sad Boy Trumpet Club. Thanks to Burning Empire Media and Like Lightning Sounds for helping us make the video!

Interview with Danny Torgensen of Captain Squeegee

CGZ_3520-1Song River interviews Danny Torgensen, the trumpet-wielding frontman of Captain Squeegee. The band just returned from New York and will be playing Apache Lake Music Festival this weekend! 

Song River: Since Captain Squeegee’s inception, around 2003, the claim of no original founding members taunts your bio headline. How has the Captain maintained its relative quirkiness of fun, music and memorable performances through the thick and thin of it all?

Danny Torgersen: I think anything named “Captain Squeegee” is destined to spiral into a perpetual state of madness. The fact no one who started the band is in the band, is both perplexing & inspiring to me… it’s like we’re a part of something bigger, a flaming technicolor torch we’ve been handed and we must run with it.

SR: Catching your performances live is to be devoured in cadence chimes. Your energy is c’est magnifique to say the least. Is the center of all the orchestration your favorite place to be Danny?

Danny: Well, I wanna be right there in the eye of the hurricane. In a past life, I conducted orchestras. In a future life I’ll conduct space-trains. As long as I’m working with rad humans like the band I’ll be happy… Nothing feels more important to me right now then recording crazy fucking songs & releasing my spiritual volcano on stage.

SR: As the band continues to gently broaden the boundaries of musical laws, what is it that comes to mind as you’re envisioning the stretching of such?

Danny: We try not to be gentle. We wanna light that shit on fire and summon angels from the ashes. Our next musical agenda is taking the traditional “pop song” and metamorphosing it right in front of your ears. Caterpillar to Cyborg-Butterfly in 4 minutes. Every time.

SR: When bending the laws of what is called ‘rock’, is that a collective action by the band as a whole or is there a ring leader and the pack follows?

Danny: I kinda birth little alien baby-songs, and then the band raises them into full-grown, evolved entities. Some times Austen (Guitar/Keys) is also the mother. All the band members have their own archetypal and astrological characteristics, so that all comes out in their playing and parts, making it more of a communal conclusion.

CGZ_3510-22SR: How long have you been a part of Captain Squeegee yourself Danny, and what have been some of the changes along the way you’ve been instrumental making occur?

Danny: I joined ‘Squeegee’ about 13 years ago. I barely remember being such a young human. I was very much myself in the band instantly… making up horn-lines, adding harmonies, getting rowdy on stage. Assuming a front-man roll was a natural progression. I also hear songs in my head, constantly, with overwhelming volume, so I started showing those songs to the band and we decided to play them… that was sort of the beginning of our departure from “Ska music.”

SR: Recently you worked with, Johnny McHone, to create your animated mayhem music video: “Farce 500 Million.” First, were you all viewers of Robot Chicken or how did you come about approaching Johnny to create and direct your video? If you would chat we us a bit on how the video creation process… what was the bands direct involvement?

Danny: We knew Johnny from high school, Hamilton High School to be exact. He was always drawing cartoons and being a comedic genius way before Robot Chicken. All I had to do was call him up and say “Hey wanna animate/clay-mate this song? It’s about blah, blah, blah…” and then he just sends back the most brilliant shit! A true artist and old friend!!”

SR: Sometimes when I listen to your music and watch your social media it almost feels like Futurama and South Park collided with a b­side burlesque show and threw in a titch of Fantasia-induced LSD ala Disney. Where, what, how and why do you find this collective sound and visualocity?CGZ_3391-15

Danny: Holy shit that was the best review of our band ever… and a meta-wormhole of a question… I mean, all that craziness is just part of our lore & mythology. I love space, psychedelia, bright colors, satire, conspiracies, spicy food, skydiving etc… When we’re being represented it just feels natural to integrate these crazy-ass themes all over the place. I’m never out of ideas when it comes to branding, cuz I know what trips me out, and I want everyone else to trip out with us.

SR: Would you say at times Captain Squeegee is definably poking their finger in the eye of politics, corporations, and the human

Danny: All the time. How can we not? We’re a rambunctious rock-n-roll band… It’s our duty to make fun of the leaders and politicians who think they rule us. It’s also important to honestly speak-out against the total takeover of humanity, happening before our eyes. There’s this terrifying new wave of technocratic brainwash glossing over everything… the internet, pop music, and even our souls. Art, music & satire may be the last way we can penetrate this evil veil of conformity consuming the lethargic minds of the West.

SR: You’re heading to the main stage coming up soon­ Apache Lake Music Festival. What is it you’re looking most forward to this year?

Danny: We’re gonna be so pumped-up after our trip to New York City! We’re leaving as boys, but when we return for ALMF, we’ll be more like mutant-robot-men. We’re especially looking forward to some secret guest artists that will be joining our set… I’d tell you more, but then that killer drone-bug on your shoulder will kill you.

SR: Are there certain bands you yourselves always make plans to hear?

Danny: OF COURSE! We love Harrison Fjord like our talented young brothers… I’m great friends with Brandon Decker… we’re all gay for Jared & The Mill. We love horns, so PAO is a must… There are just too many great locals to name on this bill. It’s like the ultimate Roman Colosseum of AZ bands, but we’re jamming instead of ruthlessly killing each other.

SR: With the amount of energy exuded when you play live, Danny, is their a special tonic you ingest prior to performing?

Danny: I use my Crown Chakra to engage the Pineal CGZ_3449-1Gland inside my brain… I then super-charge my soul with a blast of DMT, the galactic super-juice of the spirit. This makes me SLIGHTLY more inter-dimensional on stage. I’d highly recommend it to others, but it’s extremely dangerous, so please don’t try it without consulting your local monk or guru.

SR: Next album? Talk to us about its progress, producer, elements and will it be an EP or full length? Release approx?

Danny: We’re under strict orders to keep this matter classified for now… I CAN tell you we have a new music video coming out next month, depicting a “Romeo and Juliet” style narrative… but it’s in the future… and Juliet’s an Alien.

Catch “Captain Squeegee” out at the Apache Lake Music Fest 2015 this year with tons of other great bands!!!!

More information on ALMF 2015 can be found here.

Keep up with Captain Squeegee (if you can) here.