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Joshua Hill from The Hill in Mind joined us live on Radio Phoenix for Rise this past July. He sent over some great tunes from other Arizona artists for us to share. You can check out the complete playlist below.

Complete Playlist:

The Hill in Mind “Seedy”

Taylor Jayne “Composing Dreams”

Twin Ponies “Merciless and Masculine”

The Dan Dan Noodles “Mr. Button Blackbird”

House of Stairs “Silence Won’t You Come Back”

Qais Essar “Transmutation”

The Hill in Mind “Achilles, Muss Es Sein?”

Hasty Escape “What All This Turns Out to Be”

Of the Painted Choir “Willows”

Sun Bones “Arms”

The Stakes “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

The Hill in Mind “Guardians of the Galaxie 500”

Recorded on July 1, 2015

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