Radio Phoenix Podcast with Playboy Manbaby

Playboy Manbaby 01

Playboy Manbaby came down to Radio Phoenix to join us on Rise! and they brought along some great tunes from other local artists to share. Give it a listen (it’s worth it just to hear Mr. Cosme’s hyped up shout-outs, trust us). You can find the complete playlist below.


Playboy Manbaby “Killer High Life”

Red Tank! “Junkies”

Snake! Snake! Snakes! “Wait Up”

Sol Drop “The Weekend”

Sonoran Chorus “Pike”

The Thin Bloods “Marty”

Twin Ponies “1B – Exuviae”

Playboy Manbaby “Mermaid Pterodactyl”

Best Dog Award “Lady Sagoon”

Austin Owen “Joyce”

Celebration Guns “Old Habits”

Prom Body “My Paradise”

Mouse Powell “Need That Radio”

Molly & the Molluscs “Kiss and Tell”

Recorded live on June 17, 2015.

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