The Hay Girls Show is a monthly podcast featuring some of the Valley’s promising talents. YabYum will be highlighting a an artist every month from the show. To kick things off, singer/songwriter Heli Lanz of 36 Cents and a Dream took out a few moments to chat with Song River aboutRead More →

by Joe Golfen Staff Writer Fine Pets sounds like the kind of band you’d discover while crashing at a really rowdy house party. Armed with fuzzed out rave-ups and blown-speaker vocals, the Portland, Ore.-based band offers lo-fi punk at its best on their latest cassette, Formally Pretty. The trouble with playingRead More →

The Fairy Bones crew joined forces with Dadadoh for a whirlwind tour. We asked them to snap some pictures for us along the way. Armed with disposable cameras and a sense of adventure, they set forth. Chelsey Louise of Fairy Bones was kind enough to take time out of herRead More →

Amadoo’s Crew Bb Cesar Ruiz is the man behind Amadoo’s Crew, an almagamation of musicians in the Phoenix area that make the catchy do-wop sounds that have helped define the band. Earlier this month, Amadoo’s Crew unleashed its much anticipated debut album before heading out on short seven city tourRead More →

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Douglas Proce, I am a documentary filmmaker, videographer, and editor. 2. How did you get your start? I started by filming and editing videos for the dojo I was training at. I discovered I enjoyed the process, and it’sRead More →

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brought to you by Frank Ippolito and Sam Lowy (neither of whom is a lead singer) 1. I need more of me in monitor and less of everyone else. 2. It’s so awesome everyone came out to see me tonight. 3. It’s sad my band didn’t sell more tickets. 4. Can’t waitRead More →

The San Francisco Americana act known as The Brothers Comatose can always be found a pick’n and always a’grinnin. At the center of the band sits the brothers Morrison, but all members have become part of the extended family. Pull up a stool, grab your banjo or guitar and listenRead More →

Logan & Lucille  Logan & Lucille The Tucson musical duo of Logan Greene & Lucille Petty found more than a unique opportunity for alliteration, they found a uniquely upbeat approach to indiefolk in this era when sad-bastard music has taken hold. That’s not to say Logan & Lucille is without theirRead More →

Best Dog Award “Successful” The Venomous Pinks “Do You Wanna?” NUMB BATS “I Want You” Jerusafunk “El Gitano Borracho” Belly Belt “If You Like to Dance”Read More →

The melodic rock of Twin Ponies has been a viable presence in our scene since the band formed in 2013. They followed up their debut release – Pores – with a split cassette also featuring Celebration Guns. This past Friday, Twin Ponies dropped their new EP, Friendly Pet Mass Graves, at The Rebel Lounge. Read More →