1. Local Arizona music I appreciate, but Fairy Bones the band, I am not a fan of. their music is very simplistic and seems like the band itself has very little talent. The music is not very good the music video isn’t that great and the energy is just alright there’s nothing too much to brag about the band fairy bones. I’m actually surprised to see this music video on this link. there are multiple local Arizona artist that sound way better and try much harder. disappointed to see there music video, it’s like high school kids playing dress up. I would have much rather seen a music video from a different local Arizona band, the band SUNSET VOODOO with a new music video summer haze. also the local band BANNA GUN Or KATASTRO would have been much better.

    1. I believe Sunset Voodoo was featured in the last YabYum music video post. Banana is not spelled “banna.” “Alright” is not a word, it’s all right though. You are disappointed to see THEIR video, no? I’m disappointed with your failed attempt at wit and lack of typing anything substantive.

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