YabYum Seven: Christopher Gilbert

christopher gilbert 01
All photos courtesy of Christopher Gilbert

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Christopher Gilbert and I’m a local Colorado Springs landscape photographer, who also works in the camera industry in camera sales and education. I absolutely love my job because it not only allows me to play with the latest and greatest, but also I find it extremely rewarding when I can help someone achieve what they vision, be it just family photos or getting better at photography in general.

How did you get your start?

I actually got started when my parents bought me a little point and shoot camera for my birthday one year. I remember meandering downtown Tempe, taking photos of anything and everything. Those were good times and it started me in a field of work that was actually more rewarding than anything I did in college. I bought my first SLR when I moved back to Colorado and got even more involved when I started working as a state park ranger. I had this beautiful palette in front of me that I saw every day and it pushed me to share it with anyone willing to take the time to look.

christopher gilbert 02What inspires you?

Light is always what I’m chasing, but I get my inspiration from just being outside. I want to create an image that is not typically seen and I find that I’m looking for something that either isn’t typically photographed or I’m trying to put a spin on something that is. Single trees and flowing water are my absolute favorites.

What do you like about AZ?

Specifically in Tempe, my favorite thing is to photograph odd architecture and try to show their relationship to people that generally overlooked it. The many alleys and drainage ditches were where you typically found me.

Where can we see you(r) work?

My work is displayed at my website olivemoonstudio.com, but I typically update my Flickr page more than upload it to my website.

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

More than anything, I just want to share my work and have it appreciated, which is something that happens already. I differently want to travel, but everyone says that.

What is your mantra?

I think I get the most satisfaction when I’m able to be out with my wife in a completely quiet environment. Sometimes I don’t even break my camera out because I want to enjoy the view and not concentrate on any of the technicalities of using a camera. When I am shooting, I usually get to where I want early and just wait for the right light. Once I set up, I can just close my eyes, listen to the nothingness, and click the shutter a few times.


christopher gilbert 03 christopher gilbert 04 christopher gilbert 07 christopher gilbert 08 christopher gilbert 05 christopher gilbert 06 christopher gilbert 09

Radio Phoenix Podcast with Ryan Avery of Related Records

Ryan Avery 01

Ryan Avery of Related Records as well as the Phoenix bands Drunk & Horny and Fathers Day joined us live at the Radio Phoenix studios in the Phoenix Center for the Arts for our bimonthly installment of Rise! The complete playlist can be found below (he played some deep cuts).

Drunk & Horny “Paddelin Maddelin”

Yairms “The Beginning”

Human Behavior “Whore in Me”

Basement “Glass Breaking”

Dogbreth “Snickerdoodle”

Dinosaur Love “The War on Terror-Dons”

Wizards of Time “Little Jingle”

Serene Dominic “Solar System”

Sweat Lodge “Sad”

Freaks of Nature “Sick and Tired”

Treasure Mammal “EPT”

Space Alien Donald “Happy as Can Be”

Night Wolf “Freddy Rap”

Mr. Attoms Bombs “Brain Imploded”

Captain Squeegee & the Soap Suds “Ska Core”

Mia Loucks “Drugs”

Fathers Day “Disney World”

Recorded live on March 18, 2015.

3 Punk EPs That Will Kick Your Ears In

punk eps 01Skull Drug

Hard Times EP

Holy shit fuck yes I can get my hands on new Skull Drug. After scraping by on tracks from their ReverbNation page for what seems like ages, I can shoot-up the Hard Times EP straight into the brain basin right now. For real, I’ve been jonesing. And, oh man bro, this stash does not disappoint. Primo shit right here. Released to an all-ages crowd at Cooperstown on April 18th, the Hard Times EP kicks ass right out the gate with “No, I Didn’t”, the ultimate in thrash-punk-metal: “Did I ask for your opinion? (No, I didn’t, no I, no I, no I didn’t!) Did I ask for your advice? (No, I didn’t, no I, no I, no I didn’t!)”. “Destructive Design” begins with some Choking Victim punk before going into a chugging metal verse. Don’t even get me started on the “Whoa-oh-oh’s”. I be whoa-oh-oh-ing for days. If you enjoy fast-as-fuck thrash you just can’t go wrong with this album. “Disoriented” thunders on all cylinders while touching on subjects many of us have felt: “Where am I? Who have I become? This place isn’t familiar, Where did I end up?” Skull Drug certainly doesn’t tone it down for the final track. On the contrary, “Delusions” takes on the powers that be, religion, government, and fear. Do yourself a favor and get hooked on Skull Drug and the Hard Times EP here.


mrshowl_yabyumwest_01Mrs. Howl

The Yoshi Sessions

Mrs. Howl just recently moved their act to Phoenix from Seattle. I mean, like, literally weeks ago. With them they brought some pretty rad dance punk that I certainly can’t wait to see live. Until then, we have The Yoshi Sessions, their latest record released on April 20th. Opening with “Sweeter Kinney”, it shouldn’t take you much to realize their influences. A marching drum roll leads into a descending guitar line before the full on dance beat kicks in and you find yourself shimmying uncontrollably. There’s definitely a Gossip type thing going on here with even rougher edges and I can certainly get behind that. “St. Philamina” will show you the more ballady side of Mrs. Howl whilst “Mannequin Man” is pure, dirty rocknroll. The closer, “You’ve Got Time”, with it’s addictive hi-bop energy, does what all final tracks should do: leave your audience wanting more. With new band member tryouts supposedly this past weekend, let’s hope we all get to see Mrs. Howl live soon! For now, check out The Yoshi Sessions on Bandcamp here.




Holy Christ on a cracker, you need to stop whatever it is your listening to and put on the new Wallbreaker demo RIGHT NOW. Who is Wallbreaker? No idea! Where have they come from? Great question! I can’t find jack on these guys and that’s so fuckin’ awesome. Reminds me of listening to punk “back in the day” when many times you did indeed just have a band name on the side of a tape and nothing else. This is some dirty, d-beat punk and I like it. A lot. From opener “Escape” to the final track “Beast” this album just doesn’t let up. I could tell you I have a favorite track but I’d be lying; I let all 9 minutes of this album wash over me in one symbiotic wave. Finally, I’d like to think there’s hiphop head in this punk rock group: the album beautifully opens, and closes, with EPMD’s “Please Listen To My Demo.” Genius. Listen to DEMO by Wallbreaker right here.

6 Fabu Fundraisers – Help Arts in Arizona!

The Black Moods Need a New Tour Van!

Local rockers, The Black Moods, have put a lot of miles on their tour van – more than 200,00 if anyone is counting. It’s time to replace the vehicle and the boys of the band need a little extra help maintaining their hectic tour schedule. Contributors can score All Access VIP passes to shows or even a private portal into a rehearsal session. For the complete list (or to make a contribution), head here.

Help Make the Web Series Desperado Noir 

Tempe filmmakers are ready to get their new project off the ground, but they could use a little community support in making that happen. Dragonfly Picture Studios and Gentlemen Samurai Productions teamed up to bring this compelling narrative to life. They already have 75% of the project (which is about $64,000 for all you nosey folks out there), they just need some help covering the last quarter of their production costs. Perks include digital copies of the episodes, signed DVDs, studio time at Dragonfly, or even a live show from Sunset Voodoo for all you music fans (like us) out there.

Help Baby Teith Move into the Future

Baby Teith, a Phoenix fashion firm for youngsters, has started making a name for their sassy, and ethically produced, clothing line. Their ready to take it to the next level with a new collection before attending the industry trade show, MAGIC:playground, later this summer. Contributors can score some rad swag for the little ones in your life. You can even get the complete collection for the coolest kid on the block. More info here

Help Katie Haverly Record Her 4th Solo Studio Release

Katie Haverly of the band Copper & Congress is ready to go into the studio to record her fourth solo album, The Aviary, “exploration of all of the spaces and cages of the feminine human heart.”  The production costs are high so Haverly will need all the help she can get. She’s accumulated some wonderful offerings for those who contribute including her complete discography or even an original artpiece. Find out more here

Contribute to Mamacita Mexican Food Trunk

Mamacita promises to bring local, sustainable, and authentic Mexican street food to the Phoenix area in food truck form. What more could you want? Maybe tacos in exchange for your contributions? Done. Yes, donors can earn vouchers for horchata and free entrees, catered events, even free food for life. Get your redefined tacos here

Help Michael Moynihan Record His Chronicles

Tucson composer and saxophonist, Michael Moynihan, is ready to record his first debut album, but needs a little community function to realize his vision. An interesting array of awards await project supporters including something called “Phone Sax”. Copies of the album, private lessons or performances, or even an original song composed in your honor are also available options if you want to skip the Phone Sax. More information here

Motobunny Releases Rocking Self-Titled Debut

motobunny 01
Photo by Susan Jordan Anderson and courtesy of Motobunny

by Song River
Contributing Writer

I have always wanted to sit down at a café table with Tom Waits and Iggy Pop along with Pia Zadora…. I have now just added Motobunny to this epitome of rock and pop culture imagery. Motobunny’s music is a thematic twist of, “C’mon and get it boys ‘cuz we are bad aces!”

I now need to adjust my leather skirt, straighten my fish nets, and apply my wicked luscious shade of femme fatale.

Have you ever slipped on your favorite go-go boots, sucked on a delicious strawberry flavored lollipop, worn a short white leather skirt, or slid your arms into a black leather motorcycle jacket? It’s like the moment you let go as you’re meticulously decked out to shimmy and shake all you have to the Love Shack. And that is exactly what defines Motobunny: bouncy, pop-luscious, misbehaved, bad girl feeling, not your mama’s rocknroll kit. No, it’s Motobunny and you’ve signed on to the MotoClub.

“The Other Side” is the opening spin and it contains an innocuous beat of playful pulsation and driving rhythm, “So come on, come on/won’t you lift me up to the other side?”  It’s one of my favorites from their self-titled, brand new album Motobunny. Each track given and delivered, without question, to get your tail plumage grooving.

Every bunny has a ‘tail’ to tell and Motobunny’s came together over a long friendship between members of The Love Me Nots and The Woolly Bandits. Since their first sharing of stages, vans, green rooms and “seedy tour motels” it seemed to be an inevitable trip to take this undeniable electricity of eccentric proportions and create songs for this dual fronted female rocknroll collab. Without hesitation, the members of Motobunny (Christa Collins- aka Roxy Moto, Nicole Laurenne -aka Violet Moto, Michael Johnny Walker, and Rik Collins) made their way to Detroit where they recorded with Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs); gave it a mix by Bob Hoag (Ataris, Deer in The Headlights); and completed mastering with Jason Livermore (Rise Against). This lollapalooza of pop-lusciousness has now blessed the airwaves with twelve tracks.

Driving in my car, cruising open and free along the streets of Los Angeles, my windows are down and the wind blows against my cherry red lips as the smell of ocean air mixed with juicy burgers wafts through. Teasing, tantalizing and making me feel alive. The sauciness of expectations playfully fixes itself into my gaze and somewhere my eyes, now dark, smoldering and ready for action, are hidden behind dark shades as Motobunny plays loudly on my car stereo.

For more info, check out Motobunny’s webpage. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And make sure to watch the video below for “Let’s Go Out”, the second single from Motobunny.

YabYum Seven: Angel Cabrales

Angel Cabrales 00
All photos courtesy of Angel Cabrales

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Angel Cabrales, a multi-media sculptor. I work in just about any medium demanded by the concept of my work, from metal fabrication to resin casting to electro/mechanical systems to wood working. I am from El Paso, TX and received my BFA in sculpture from Arizona State University and my MFA in sculpture from the University of North Texas.

Angel Cabrales gb
Generation Boom

I create sculptures and interactive installations as a means to begin a discourse among the viewers and participants. In this commercial-centric culture, I find that the best way to reach my audience is by using industrial design and commercialism to create my artwork as an appetizing “product” for the masses. My work is satirical; the reason for this is to ease the audience into the subject matter. Each piece is made to not only heighten awareness of the subject matter, but to begin conversation where most would rather be entertained from a distance.  The creation and engineering of this “merchandise” is not just an artistic presentation: it is an invitation to incorporate the viewer and make them a larger part of the work itself, creating an interactive experience that merges a passion for the arts with the social and political concerns of today.

A lot of my work is “weapon” oriented, not as a glorification, but as an aggressive representation of the world we live in. We live in a click-bait world of Extreme, Epic and Amazing! Watching our media is one ratings grab after another, without really giving notice to the real issues at hand. I try to use this aggressive tone to keep the issues in the fore front with my work.

Angel Cabrales - jf
Juegos Fronteras – Merry Go Round Port of Entry

How did you get your start?

My initial start in wanting to build things came from my father, who was an engineer at White Sands Missile Range. At an early age, he helped my brother and I build a number of things. We would work in his tool shed in the backyard making wooden toy rifles, buildings for my action figures and pine wood derby cars. My dad always made sure to teach the math in the work and instilled a love for building, which eventually led to my interest in sculpture.

My interest in sculpture came about in my first year of art school at the College of Santa Fe. It was there that my professor took me aside and asked why I wasn’t a sculpture major. After deciding that I would become a sculpture major he then told me the school did not have the facilities for sculpture and I would have to find a better school. This is how I ended up going to ASU for my BFA, where I was able to learn a variety of sculptural skills.

What inspires you?

The state of the world today inspires me to dream of a better future, a well-informed future where there is more to life than money, entertainment and war.

Angel Cabrales 04
Deficits of Mass Destruction

My work is also inspired by a great love for science, math and engineering, as well as science fiction and pop culture.What do you like about AZ?

I loved the energy of the artists while I was at ASU and the good friends I have made here. I also love Arizona’s mountains and the vast sky (when out of the city). I loved going up the superstition mountains to watch meteor showers.

Where can we see you(r) work?

Currently, I have a sculpture in the Mesa Contemporary’s exhibition: ARTillery: Contemporary Art Influenced by Weaponry from now until August 16th and have future exhibitions in the Phoenix area and Dallas, TX. Information for those shows will be on my website, angelcabrales.com, where you can see more of my work.

What would you like to accomplish before you die?

Before I die, I would like to have made sculpture and installations in as many countries as possible. I also hope to have an installation based gallery and sculpture garden someday.

What is your mantra?

I have three:

“Sacrifice everything for your art; sacrifice your art for nothing.”

“Not everything is sculpture but everything is sculpture materials.” – From Professor Lew Alquist

And one by my mother,” No busques, pero no te dejes,” which means,” Don’t look for trouble, but don’t back down when it finds you.”


Angel Cabrales madd
Mutually Assured Develpment/Destruction
Angel Cabrales 10
Sugah Bombz
Angel Cabrales pac4
Patriot PAC-4 Home Edition
Angel Cabrales 07
Imminent Fortification
Angel Cabrales tots
Turn of the Sentry – with targeting projection
Angel Cabrales 08
El Pan Dulce Vida

Angel Cabrales 09

Radio Phoenix Podcast with The Haymarket Squares

The Haymarket Squares 01

The punkgrass all-stars known as The Haymarket Squares came down to Phoenix Center for the Arts to join us on Rise! at Radio Phoenix. They brought along an eclectic mix of rad, local tracks to share. The complete playlist can be found below.


The Haymarket Squares “Revolt Resist Rebel”

D.G. Scherrer “No Heaven for i Pagliacci”

Jim Bachmann “Day Drinkin”

Ari & Her Banjo “Diana”

Banana Gun “Light On”

The Shivereens “Let’s Go”

The Limit Club “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)”

Travis James & the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists “Broken Kids and Bad Friends”

The Haymarket Squares “Buy My Vote”

decker. “ODB”

Supa Joint “Damn I Wanna Smoke Some Weed”

Andy Warpigs “Chili Pepper”

Roar “Christmas Kids”

The Pübes “Cameltoe”

Originally aired on March 4, 2015.