Hug of War Emancipate Your Ears! 5000 Years of Global Music Domination Exposed​!​! “One of the best pieces of advice I got from a book was from Role Models by John Waters. He advised the reader to go to thrift stores and seasonal Halloween stores the day after Halloween whenRead More →

5 fantastic fundraisers title

Send Jerusafunk on Tour!! We love that local funktrain Jerusafunk is raising needed tour funds the old-fashioned way with a knockout event certainly to live emblazened on the minds of all attendees for years to come. You should be there. Really. You want to be there. The fundraising spectacularama will beRead More →

RPM Orchestra 00

by Brent Miles Contributing Writer One need only look at some of the instruments featured on RPM Orchestra’s latest album to realize this is something different and intriguing from our desert. Hit On All Sixes is a refreshing detour from rote rock and roll. Conductor Pete Petrisko coaxes otherworldly soundsRead More →

5 rad singles title

The Desert Beats “Nothing Without You” The Desert Beats have been playing shows around the Valley for quite some time, but until now, listening to them on your own time was out. I get it. Put in the time to really develop your sound and learn to mesh well asRead More →

Denise Yaghmourian title

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Denise Yaghmourian and I am a mixed media artist. I work in fibers, found objects, performance and installation and any interesting material I can get my hands on. I work and play in my studio in downtown Phoenix onRead More →

Tyler from the band Diners came down to Radio Phoenix after their tour to join us on the air and play some of their favorite local tunes. You can check out the podcast here. The complete playlist can be found below. Playlist: Diners “Good Zone” Human Behavior “Crag” Stephen SteinbrinkRead More →

5 super cool 3 track releases title

It seems like the latest trend happening in music is the 3-track release. More than just a single and a b-side, but not quite an EP, the 3-track offers up a sampling of what artists have to offer. Here are a few new additions to our 3-track collection… The Lonesome BilliesRead More →

jared & the mill title

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Western Expansion, last year’s record from Jared & the Mill, was/is one of my favorite records, like… ever. Seriously. The width and breath of that performance was in a word, epic, and earned them a spot as the opening act for no other than BarryRead More →

Andrew Jackson Jihad “Do, Re, Me” The Desert Beats “Nothing Without You” Myrlin “Hometown” Jess Matsen “Not All Deers”  DaDadoh “They Hate Me”Read More →

3 fast 'n feisty releases title

JJCnV Leathered, Weathered, and Feathered The best part of having a new JJCnV release on the list for coverage is that every time someone at HQ suggests switching to a new album I get to yell, “Hey, I’m working!” After weeks of endless listening, I’m not quite ready to giveRead More →

such styles 00

Who are you and what do you do? Greetings! I’m Such Styles and I am a practitioner in the art of Aerosol since 1983. How did you get your start? My main journey began once I read Crag Castleman’s book titled “Getting Up”. The book shared the inside stories ofRead More →