Top 10 Album Covers of 2014

Andrew Jackson Jihad
Christmas Island

Artwork by Suzanne Falk
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Andrew Jackson Jihad - YabYum - Arizona Music Blog

Always Room

Artwork by Nick Shively

Diners - YabYum - Arizona Music Blog

Robots With Rayguns
Fresh As It Gets

Artwork by Reno Msad

album covers fresh

Nova Joven
A Summer with Prescriptions

Artwork by Alexa Phoenix Mekita

Nova Joven - YabYum - Arizona Music Blog

Field Tripp
Les Is Mormon, Woeful Common Terry, Warren Druhgs triptych

Artwork by Tim Allyn

 covers tripp

French Girls
EP Sampler

Artwork by Mike Dee of French Girls

YabYum - Arizona Music Blog

Banana Gun

Artwork by Nic Dehaan of Banana Gun

album covers banana gun

A Head & Hand

Artwork by Kelsey Hodgson

YABYUM - Arizona Music Blog


Artwork by Youceff Yunque Kabal

yus cover

Andy Warpigs
Folk Punk Yourself

Artwork by

album covers andy

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