Best Electronic Album: Fresh As It Gets by Robots With Rayguns

Fresh coverWhether it’s truly known or not, there is a wide-range of electronic music output happening in Arizona. Maybe it’s because the technology and software are easier to obtain than ever or simply because more people are turning to electronic means of creation, but we’re sure to see much more in the electronic acts areana  on the horizon.

We were super excited in Autumn 2014 when Robots With Rayguns released Fresh As It Gets. It completely blew us away and knocked our wigs right off. We had featured RWR singles before, but never a full-length album. Amidst a sea of home-recorded, self-produced, electronic releases, here was a beacon of light that safely guided us to the shore of “addictive electro.”

Original, catchy, and above all fresh, just try not to bob your head to these retro-inspired classics. Guest vocalists and MCs keep the atmosphere alive and direct between the build-up and break-down of the instrumentals. Jam it in your car or rock it at the gym, Fresh As It Gets is an album to get you on the move, so be prepared to shake your groove thing – whether you want to or not! Listen (or purchase) Fresh As It Gets here!

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