Radio Phoenix Podcast with French Girls

titleWe loved chatting with Phoenix’s French Girls back in August for Rise! on Radio Phoenix. The band brought down some feisty tracks to share with our listeners and we have the complete playlist down below! They’ll also be playing a show tonight (November 1st) at the Time Out Lounge with Blanche Beach, JJCnV, and the Whispering Wires so make sure you head out! We’ll see you there!

Rise 2014-08-20 by Radio Phoenix on Mixcloud


JJCnV – “Hunter of Bugs”

Captain Crust and the Supernaturals – “Drown”

Dogbreth – “Too Much Too Fast”

French Girls – “He’s All That”

Man Hands – “I Can’t Sleep”

Drunk & Horny – “Bow Down and Die”

Scorpion vs. Tarantula – “Snake Coiled Up Inside His Heart”

Labor Party – “Black Arm Band”

French Girls – “Aerobicize”

The Declaimed – “My Wandering Mind”

Diners – “Hangout With You”

Roar – “I’m Just a Fan”

Shovel – “Mosquito Repellent”

PIC – “Heretic”

The Peeps – “H.O.T.T.I.E.”

Sweetbleeders – “Dumptruck”

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