What’s better than holiday shopping locally? How about shopping local and upcycling?? Arizona is the home to some seriously style-savvy thrifters and we’ve found some true gems for all you vintage vixens out there! Red Plaid Wrap Around Skirt from Ochre and Bone. All That Shimmer Black Sequin Top from Sweet Persimmons. Vintage Harwood SteigerRead More →

Finding the perfect present for the people in your life shouldn’t be a soul-crushing, ethics-compromising, consumer-driven fiasco. Try directing those holiday funds back to the local economy by supporting Arizona Artisans! For the home… Biohazard Wall Clock (available in customizable colors) from ALL 15 Designs. For your Sweater Party… Upcycled Fried EggRead More →

Bogan Via “Gatsby” Motobunny “Motobunny” Couches “Thinkin’ About Money” EL “The Cave”  Ruca “Just Begun”Read More →

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Rockabilly group Whiskey Kiss set to release debut album – and more than a few surprises By Matt Marn Staff Writer It starts with a slow, sultry tempo, with a woman’s voice singing, “I gotta stay low, ain’t nowhere to run… If he looks at me, I’m already done… IRead More →


Burning Palms left their Tucson digs to tackle one monster of a tour. Forty-three shows in 39 days in 36 cities in 25 states. That’s some serious music-making, folks.  While Burning Palms missed the “Open Skies and Sonoran Dogs” away from their home turf, they had adventures on the roadRead More →


by Mark Anderson Senior Editor I had been waiting for this day for two and half years, and then suddenly, it was here: MAN-CAT was set to release a new album. Their first full-length album. I couldn’t be more excited. I got to the Trunk Space rather early. Not tooRead More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Lori Fenn and I’m an artist, I paint bright geometric acrylic paintings and layer in candy like resin. 2. How did you get your start? I grew up making things from food to clothes to art and teepees. I reallyRead More →


Trevor Hedges from the band Sundressed joined us at the Radio Phoenix studios to talk bands and life. The complete playlist can be found below. Rise 2014-09-17 by Radio Phoenix on Mixcloud Playlist: Merit “The Truth About the Twenties” Instructions “Tony” Sundressed “Hold Your Head Up High” Saddles “Holes inRead More →

Stephen Steinbrink “Sand Mandalas” from The Trundle Sessions Future Loves Past “Runners” from The Living Room Sessions Sacred Destinies “Wide Hide” from The Trundle Sessions Gabo Fayuca & Jason DeVore “Shoot It Up” on the Airstream Sessions Emby Alexander “Echo Emby + Sexting My Friends” from TUF (The Underground Foundation)Read More →

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The Linecutters Pirates of Suburbia There I was, totally stoked when I came across “#Yolocaust” all those months ago and then the album came out in June and I totally dropped the ball. Pirates of Suburbia proves you can make seriously pro music before you graduate from high school. This album is head-banging,Read More →