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by Nicole Royse Staff Writer When was the last time you checked out the Heard Museum? Summer time is the perfect time to enjoy history and art while you explore and examine the indigenous peoples of the Americas arts, history and legacy. Particularly focusing on American Indian tribes and otherRead More →

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by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “I want to play with everybody, all the time, as much as I can.” This is John Melillo’s musical credo. And in the three short years he’s been here, he’s done just that. You’ll hardly find a group in Tucson that hasn’t been touched somehowRead More →


by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Very Scary “Middle of the Night” Very Scary throws everything it has at “Middle of the Night” and this raucous rocker is a burner to be sure. The roaring guitars, rockabilly beat and a blazing lead guitar at the break keeps the tension throttled through the roof. TheRead More →

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1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Matt Marn, and I am a freelance reporter. I write for several publications and groups in the Phoenix area, including YabYum Music and Arts. I write about a lot of different people and topics – from volunteers makingRead More →


by Matt Klassen Contributing Writer In case you don’t know, a talisman is an object of religious, spiritual or magical significance. It can be an idol, a good luck charm, or really anything that one imbues with mystical properties. It’s an appropriate title for an album with otherworldly charm andRead More →