Lisa Albinger title

1. Who are you and what do you do? I am a mixed-media painter, a visionary, a Grey Gardens fan, the mother to a super calm long haired chihuahua mix who thinks he’s a cat/human. Picking him up off the street changed my life. My current work touches on theRead More →

Sun Bones 01

By Matt Marn Staff Writer Every song is different. Ask Tucson group Sun Bones, and they will tell you all four members had a big role in writing different parts of the songs on their debut album, Sentinel Peak. “It’s really different from song to song, from person to person,”Read More →

KONGOS “Come With Me Now” Fairy Bones “Waiting” Laura and the Killed Men “Secrets on a Postcard” Steff and the Articles “What a Terrible Thing to Do” Bigbadwolf “Flavors” Captain Baby “Olive In the Ocean”Read More →

Matt Rolland 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “You’re appropriating me? I’ll take it. I think of myself as a Tucson musician now.” So says Matt Rolland, a founding member, composer, fiddler and manager for the acclaimed acoustic group Run Boy Run. And Tucson is happy to have him. “For a while, IRead More →

The Rifle

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor The Rifle’s profile reads, “Making music (secretly) in Tucson”, but after listening to Rib to Rib, the secret will soon be out about Nelene DeGuzman and her writing and musicianship. Sparse is how I would describe this record. Lo-fi is another way to characterize thisRead More →

Daniel Shepherd 01

1. Who are you and what do you do? Daniel Shepherd: I am a father, an artist, a husband, a DJ, an advisor, a dreamer, a friend, a hopeless optimist , a trouble maker, a cat lover, a son, a grumbler, a mammal, a record collector, a non- musician, aRead More →

Ozark Pappy 01

by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Their band page states, “Oh no, not another indie/folk band.” And yes, the world doesn’t need another. Really, it doesn’t. I’m serious. But you know what? The world does need a band like Ozark Pappy. Really, it does. Yes, If Our Boat Begins To Sink hasRead More →

Banana Gun 01

By Matt Marn Staff Writer Kevin Loyd – vocalist, guitarist and banjo extraordinaire for Phoenix rock group Banana Gun, firmly believes songwriting can happen in a variety of different ways. But if you ask Loyd and the rest of the Banana Gun crew, there is only one way for themRead More →

Passage and Ma Bell “Gangster and the Guru” The perfect surprise requires both the thing you never expected and the exact thing you wanted, usually without knowing that you wanted it. “Gangster and the Guru” is my summer’s perfect surprise. I’ve been a fan of Passage (Anticon/Restiform Bodies) since waysRead More →

Chris Pierce 01

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “I’m totally self-taught,” Chris Pierce explains. “Everything that I know about the instrument, everything that I know theoretically, I’ve either learned from a friend, from a jam, from a song.. or from some book that I got and I worked through myself… I [even] taughtRead More →