by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Ashley Norton has come a long way since gracing the stages of Phoenix and the surrounding Valley. Her decision to relocate to Nashville has been not only career changing, but life changing as well. Her new project, a duo effort with Edward A. Williams, isRead More →

Laura 500

by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer “The story of my winding up in Tucson could fill up an entire article,” says Laura Kepner-Adney, and it may well someday. For now, here’s the story in a nutshell: she studied vocal performance at Oberlin Conservatory, and began living in Tucson in 2006 afterRead More →

Christmas Island

We at YabYum are all about cooperative artistic efforts so when I heard one of my favorite bands was teaming up with one of my favorite visual artists for a collaboration that would yield the album art for their latest release, I was nearly giddy. Well, as giddy as IRead More →

Cup O' Karma

by Kate Doster Contributing Writer Cup O’ Karma is not your average cup o’ joe and not your average coffee shop. Located in Mesa across from Mesa Community College, this “Community Café for a Cause” truly lives up to its name. Cup o’ Karma was donated by Louis Prado, the ownerRead More →


by Frank Ippolito Associate Editor Copyrighting your music is as easy as going to the library (of Congress). Let’s say you wake up one morning, fire up Spotify, iTunes or your local Internet radio station like, and while listening to Rise! you hear a song that is on yourRead More →

Dan Tripp & Friends Would he?  Woody Guthrie should be required listening for all aspiring musicians or, better yet, every young American. On this tribute to Guthrie, Would he?, we find many charming ditties from the Guthrie songbook that you won’t find on any “Best of” album. One of the aspects IRead More →


by Matt Klassen Contributing Writer The Birdhouse EP from Albuquerque-based Good Old Shoulder sounds a lot like what you might imagine a birdhouse would sound like, if it were a five song EP. It’s lovingly, if crudely crafted from rustic materials. It’s something I could picture small birds lighting intoRead More →


by Bob Hanshaw Contributing Writer Despite being relatively new on the Tucson scene, Brittany Katter is helping to define its look and style – and her band, Katterwaul, is one of the defining bands of its generation in the city. “I’m definitely way more comfortable as a performer,” she said,Read More →

Captain Squeegee “The Factory” DaDadoh “What Up World” Chicha Dust “Como Un Ave” The Daddyo’s “Sleep” The Cons “Whats it Gonna Hurt?Read More →

Day Before Plastics

By J. Deringer Contributing Writer Rogue Bar – July 18 In the middle of his band’s raucous set, Travis of Japhy’s Descent stood onstage at the Rogue Bar, talking into the mic and taking in the excited crowd, “Congrats to Day Before Plastics,” he smiled while tucking his long hairRead More →