Brian Lopez “Crossfire Cries” I don’t know what I love more about Brian Lopez: his voice or his musical sensibility. On “Crossfire Cries” you can hear the perfect merging of the two, a promising sign for his forthcoming album, Static Noise, which is set for release in September from Funzalo Records.Read More →

Who doesn’t love a good fundraiser? We all should know that only by supporting our local art and music scene can we hope to see it survive and thrive. Here are five fundraisers you can stand behind! Fund Hasty Escape’s Full-Length –The Filthier Things I don’t know how excited you areRead More →


Mouse Powell “Two Weeks” Black Mountain Moonshine “Arizona Blues” Leonardo DiCapricorn “J-NO” The Black Moods “Say It For The Last Time” Anxious feat. Raxx “Bananas”Read More →

Go see a show! Here are our Top 5 Picks for the week, but if you’re still looking for things to do make sure you check out our Upcoming Shows page here.Read More →


by YabYum Staff PRMR Antennae Antennae is an appropriate name for the long-awaited new album from PRMR (formerly The Premiere). It sounds like the product of an alien race’s attempts to emulate the best of  our hip-hop radio and indie rock blogs. The result, with its off-kilter mix of elements, isRead More →

Our love for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art runs true and deep so when we heard that an anonymous donor bought up all the remaining tickets to the Lit Lounge event on Thursday, June 26th, with the intention of sharing with the greater community, we were almost giddy withRead More →


Some mornings I wake up and the hot breath of the desert that encases me in a sticky film of loathing threatens to initiate a murderous rampage that will decimate everything in sight. On those days, I try to get out of town and cool off in some nearby localeRead More →


by Mark Anderson, Senior Editor Holy crap. It’s been a frickin’ year since Rubber Brother Records appeared outta nowhere (not quite) and completely changed the game of the Tempe/Arizona/entire DIY music scene, and I must say, I am continually impressed with these young folks and their relaxed determination. I meanRead More →


Nerdzerker Rage Quit Nerdzerker makes music for the gamer raging in your soul. The punkrock three-piece is signed to Phoenix’s 56th Street Records, home of others acts known for combining the quirky with the feisty like Andy Warpigs, HotRock SupaJoint, and Bacchus & the Demon Sluts. The album opens withRead More →


Sweet Ghosts “Sister Sylvia” Jon Rauhouse “Desert Luau” on Red Chair Recordings You Me and Apollo “Ames on Her Way to the Top” Sun Bones “Havest Moon” (Neil Young Cover) at The Folk Shop The Sweet Nothings  “I Lied”Read More →


by Frank Ippolito, Associate Editor One of my favorite emails I like to receive from the The Dynamic Duo, The Untiring Twosome aka The Yab Yum Editors, is one that includes a bunch of singles to listen to: I mean, the songs perfectly and easily fit into my less-than-attentive attentionRead More →