We’re taking a week (maybe less… fingers crossed) to prepare and launch our new re-designed website for all you feisty followers of YabYum!! Check back over the week to find out when the new site is up and running – or just to remind us that you’re thinking of usRead More →

The Limit Club “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)” Party Gardens “Highwaves” Diners “Wide Range” Courtney Cotter King “Stand in the Rain” Flower Festival “All of My Opinions”Read More →

Some seriously awesome shows here, people. Don’t miss out. Someday, after the world as we know it has collapsed you will tell stories of the shows you saw this week. For more Upcoming Shows, head here.Read More →


Emby Alexander “Sleeping In The Library” Claiming to be the SOUND OF PHOENIX, Emby Alexander (for right now anyway) might just be right. If “Sleeping In The Library” is any indication as to what is to come from their new album Frontispiece, get ready for a percussion-fueled, rollicking good timeRead More →

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The Wavelengths The Wavelengths From the very initial interplay of instruments on the Wavelengths’ self-titled track from their self-titled debut, you know this is going to be a cool album. Maybe it’s the psychedelic surf sound co-mingling with a jazzy sense of movement. Or maybe it’s the organ. Either way,Read More →


All photos by Dave Blake of Blues Alley Photo Rhythm Room’s Mona Watkins Steps Down, Gets Fitting Tribute from Local Musicians Since its birth in 1991, The Rhythm Room in downtown Phoenix has been a popular club playing host to a wide variety of blues and other musical groups. In theRead More →

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We had an extra special show in April featuring local music writers Mitchell L. Hillman and Jeff Moses. For the complete playlist, look below. And, don’t forget to tune into Radio Phoenix at 8 pm this Friday for the next installment of the YabYum Music & Arts Hour!!! The BungalowRead More →

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We’re super excited. Dear Readers, YabYum Music & Arts will be celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary on June 1st. We wanted to take a moment out of our hectic schedule to thank you for your continued and growing support. Our goal at YabYum is to bring together all of theRead More →

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Andrew Jackson Jihad “Temple Grandin”   NERDZERKER “Jurassic Fart”   Calabrese “I Want to be a Vigilante”   The Hourglass Cats “Keep Steppin’”   Wall-Eyed “Insults and Polemics”Read More →

Sister Lip releases their EP, Blunt Club celebrates 12 years, and Former Friends of Young Americans bid adieu to the Valley… we don’t envy the decisions facing you this week. The Rebel Set, our radio guests from Rise! on Radio Phoenix, will be playing a Rogue show before heading offRead More →

The Linecutters “Yolocaust” This three-piece thrash outfit is making waves before the members are old enough to drink to their successes. The Linecutters just released their first single in anticipation of their forthcoming EP, The Pirates of Suburbia. If “Yolocaust” speaks authentically for what’s to come from The Linecutters, their EPRead More →

There’s been a lot of talk, almost to infinitum, about “Pay to play”. Every artist knows what this is: the artist pays the promoter or venue before they can take the stage. The payments can originate either directly from the artist or to be collected from the artist through theRead More →