So Brilliant Permission to Speak You don’t often find the tags “dirty South” and “Tucson” together on the same album. So Brilliant might just be about changing all that. You’ll find your head bobbing along to tracks like “The Way It Goes” and “Melody”, but they’re not afraid to layRead More →

The Trunk Space has become much more than a venue during the course of their 10 year run thus far. They’ve become a key player in the Valley’s developing arts scene, a launching pad for new acts, and a hub for all the wondrous and strange and wondrously strange musiciansRead More →

Small Leaks Sink Ships “The Malevolent Jester“ While this track might not be making an appearance on the forthcoming release from staff favorites, Small Leaks Sink Ships, you can enjoy the ambient instrumental release and its strange visual accompaniment here. And don’t forget to head out to the Last ExitRead More →

I’ve written it once and I’ll write again right now, (see what I did there?), I love love love love listening to bands that I know are special, (someone stop me), that I haven’t heard or seen live. The reason: I hit can “play” without any preconceived opinion. And thankRead More →

For a band that formed in 2008, Scorpion vs. Tarantula already has amassed some pretty impressive recording ventures: 2010’s She Goes Hard, 2012’s Don’t Waste It, and they recently added Claim to Fame to their discography earlier this year. The album kicks off with “Tomboy” and from the first growl ofRead More →

Los Puchos Los Puchos!The seven song, self-titled cassette released as a joint venture between Tempe’s Rubber Brother Records and L.A.’s Lollipop Records is a must for any avid tape collector. Los Puchos has their own style of garage rock that harkens back to early Van Morrison or Beach Boys recordings, butRead More →

I’ve never been to SXSW. Been meaning to, but just haven’t jumped on that caravan yet  to check out all the insanity and charm such fest could offer.  I asked a couple of noisemaker buddies to share their experience of this year’s event and thought I’d share with fellow YabRead More →

Ever since I caught my first Airstream Sessions installment, I’ve been on the watch for new additions as they become available. Last week, however, my fangrrl status got upgraded when I actually got to go inside The Airstream to personally check out where the musical magic happens. Many of youRead More →

Japhy’s Descent“Owl” MALLEVS“Psychic Line” Samuel L Cool J “My Day Off Part 1 (Wasting My Time)” Y.R.C.“Swoosh” Thaahum ft. MysticBlu & Huni“We Live the Music”Read More →

Great shows happening this weekend. In addition to the shows below, the Trunk Space is also hosting their pre-birthday celebration on Saturday night. For more Upcoming Shows, head here.Read More →

Samuel L Cool J“Shake Those Hips“ “Shake Those Hips” offers a lofi introduction to Samuel L Cool J if you haven’t yet caught the band live. And, by the way, you definitely want to catch this band live. They offer much more than a retro-rehashing. You’ll get your chance onRead More →