Alexandr’e Le May Answers the YabYum Seven

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My Name is Alexandr’e Le May and I do a little bit of everything. For work I’m a Cosmetologist, but I consider that part-time. What I really do with myself is paint, sew, make music, construct jewelry, make instruments, teach crafts to others, and throw moon gatherings for women. Really anything I can get my hands on!

2. How did you get your start?

I’ve being drawing since before I could remember. That part of my life has really been difficult for me. I didn’t grow up being told art was ever anything to take seriously. It was a poor man’s profession and as the story goes you’ll end up sad, starving, with nothing but your canvas and paint. What I didn’t realize then was that a poor man can be happier than any rich man could be. I found a joy in painting where I wasn’t a part of this world. I painted and the problems and insecurities were washed from my reality. I was neither here nor there and all I saw was the blending of the colors creating gradients and harsh lines that spoke to me on levels I’m unable to explain. The hard part of it all was coming back to reality once I had finished my pieces. What was it I was looking at? How will people perceive it? Does it even matter? As long as it made someone think, smile, or feel, that’s all that I really wanted. The struggle of it being “good enough” is something that I’m sure is the story for all of us creative people. Painting is effortless for me, but also one of the most difficult of my pastimes.

My Auntie Sherrie actually introduced me to the magickal side of my world, most of my jewelry corresponds with things I learned going to mineral and gem shops with her as a child. I became very spiritually aware thanks to her guidance. A lot of what I do is fueled by my spiritual side and my quest for a greater understanding of myself and how I can help others.

My musical side? I actually have no idea where that came from. No one in my family is musically inclined and in 4th grade I decided to learn the violin (thanks to the movie Titanic) and by 6th grade I was leading our Christmas presentations. That all translated into me picking up the guitar at 13, the piano at 16, the organ, saw, ukulele, and the accordion followed shortly thereafter. I fell in love with the power behind the notes. I still cry when I hear certain songs or people singing, it’s like nothing I could every fully explain. I quickly picked up how to record music and started creating songs in my teens from my bedroom. It’s a beautiful outlet and I’m so unbelievable grateful to have it in my life. I’m always trying to show others the power of beauty behind it all and whenever I can I invite others to come experience it with me.

The rest mainly began with Girl Scouts! I had a wonderful leader who taught us a multitude of things like how to make Dream Catchers, Necklace making, Crocheting, Photography, Sewing, Crafting and more Crafting! Girl Scouts was a huge and amazing part of my life. It was a sanctuary for me after a long day of bullies and schoolwork.

3. What inspires you?

I’ve come to meet many wonderful people on my path while here on earth, all who have inspired something within me. I have a whole host of friends I surround myself with who feel passionate towards something, either their family, mother earth, their friends, art, music, animals, trees, or God. The search for love here among us, that’s what inspires me.

4. What do you like about AZ?

Its versatility. A few hours north you’ll find snow and trees. Here we have canyons, rivers, lakes, caves, cactus, and mountains! The sky! A few hours west you’ll find L.A. and the ocean. It’s really incredible how many different types of terrain exist here. We have a great mixture of people too. Every year that passes I find more and more interesting diverse people that are either moving here or finally coming out of there hiding places and it’s really wonderful!

5. Where can we see you(r) work?

I sell my Handmade Jewelry, Prints, Art, Crystals and Vintage items on my Etsy. I also have a website where pictures of my art are displayed. For social media I have an Instagram. For my music, I have a Sound Cloud, Munteeth and Ljostmusic.

6. What would you like to accomplish before you die?

That’s a really good question. I don’t put much thought into what I want to accomplish because I already have enough drive in my current pastimes for 20 people. I guess if I thought about it in a bigger picture, I would like to make those around me happier. I honestly feel that everything I’ve ever wanted in life has been driven by wanting to create happiness in others. If I accomplish that, then I have accomplished it all.

7. What is your mantra?

Each morning we are born again.

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