Mess “Fighter“ I immediately fell in love with the subtlety of Mess, an Arizona musical duo formed by Rachel Ludeman and and Tony Nunes. With their own unique approach to indie rock, Mess hearkens back to 90s grrl rock at moments but with a completely fresh take. Only one trackRead More →

We all have heard of First Fridays have we not? But over the years the monthly event has, in my opinion, lost its allure and sense of “festival” once the city commanded the street be open to traffic and kicked, literally, the artists and bands to the curb. The lastRead More →

Leonardo DiCapricorn Vice-VersaceI was a little nervous just before I hit the play icon for “J-NO”, the first track from Leonardo DiCapricorn’ first release. After all, how can a band possible live up to a name as good as Leonardo DiCapricorn? One the one hand, puns are the lowest formRead More →

Genre is the combined workings of Zac Markey and Corey Gomez. The band released The Weepy Omelette EP a few years back and now, with the release of their second EP, fans finally get to hear just what the duo has been working on all this time. Scrape Your Voices on theRead More →

Calculus Man Δ ∞ The strange workings of Calculus Man come to the listener through Δ ∞, an anthology covering the writer/producer’s recording projects over a five-month period. On tracks like “∞Danger Close [Fingernail Biting]” and “_Premonition”, we hear something resembling more of traditional hiphop than we hear on theRead More →

Human Behavior “The Wolf It Is” Jillian Bessett“Villanelle” The Wavelengths“Don’t Wanna” Drive-By Dunk“Taking Time” Marianne Dissard“Am Letzen”Read More →

Get excited, music lovers, because this week is going to be awesome. Friday night, opt for fun and funky at Last Exit Live with PAO, Samuel L Cool J, and more. OR throw yourself into the chaos of Wolvves, Thin Bloods, and more at Parliament in Tempe. Your choice. SaturdayRead More →

decker. “Cellars“ Some folks might say a giant release show at the Sail Inn is quite a lot of effort to put into the release of a single, but when that track is the famed 9+ minute closer from a band as popular as decker., the celebratory party markings itsRead More →

We at YabYum have been following the artistic antics of James B. Hunt (or NXOEED) for a little while now, and we’re always impressed by the level of self-determination of this particular artist. So what happens when the painter’s latest show falls through? Why, simply take the art to theRead More →

In the era of DIY, we – as consumers – have a responsibility to the artists we value. Supporting a project in the earliest stages means you can help see those projects to a successful end. This isn’t just a one-way street. Artists are often willing to give something back toRead More →

Field Tripp definitely seems to be moving more in the direction of resurgent rock, abandoning the indie-pop hues we heard on their first album, Super-Ego Friendly, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the change. Field Tripp has been honing their sound and growing as musicians since that 2011 release. AllRead More →