Mohawk Photography Answers the YabYum Seven Music Videos with Mergence, Wolvves, Cherie Cherie, Mouse Powell, and The Saving Pointe República Empanada Brings Pan-Latin Cuisine to Downtown Mesa Certified Local Fall Festival Examining “From Lemons to Lingerie: The Still Life Redefined” 3 Eclectic Albums with Dinosaur Love, Orphans, and Burning PalmsRead More →

Hopefully, you had some extra time off the week and now you’re ready to get down because there are some rad shows happening this week. Fairy Bones celebrates the release of their first EP on Friday at the Rogue. The Rubber Brother Records Round Robin Festival happens all weekend atRead More →

For more than a year, we’ve brought you new material every single day.  Today, we’re taking the day off. Thank you. And, we leave you with this instead.  A holiday-themed picture of a child.  We’re out of kittens, but we know how the internet loves kittens. See you tomorrow! Read More →

Hey, if you missed our show last Friday, you should be ashamed.. Wait, no, we’re kidding. You do have two more chances to catch our Radio Phoenix debut. The show re-airs on Thanksgiving at 6am so we don’t expect too many of our rocknroll readership to be awake at thatRead More →

We here at YabYum have decided once again to support a Buy Local Holiday season by offering our readers friendly alternatives to the gluttonous consumer rampage that seemingly blindsides Americans to both the questions: Where was this made? And, where does my money go? Take a deep breath and rememberRead More →

The holiday season is upon us. Decorations are in stores, lights are on homes, Black Friday lurks at the end of this week. It’s here. We’ve decided to tackle the season head on and in style by kicking things off with A Drunk and Horny Christmas. If I were toRead More →

The SunPunchers Honey There are so many bands I keep meaning to get out and catch live. The SunPunchers have been on that list for some time which says something because they only started performing together earlier this year. After listening to their first release Honey, I’m absolutely irate withRead More →

Clay Dudash“Shore for Cranes” Supa Joint“Weed Weed Mothafucka” JJCnV“Red Lights” Lost in Atlantis “Zombie Love” Saddles “Cancer Dance”Read More →

It just so happens that Bisbee is probably the coolest small town Arizona has to offer. It’s artsy and funky and adorable sorta like the woman of the hour: Anamieke Quinn. Anamieke is the force behind Sidepony and its offspring gathering, the Sidepony Express Music Festival. Two years in aRead More →

The real reason we do all this work to bring you the latest from all these great bands is because we’re secretly plotting to draw you all away from your televisions and out into the streets where real art and music happen LIVE. It’s all a conspiracy to make youRead More →

One of the many awesome-est things about writing for Yab Yum is firing up my computer and finding new music in my email. New music that no one has heard yet. That’s what happened on Monday morning when, lo and behold, a couple new Sundressed tracks were waiting for me.Read More →

Stephen Steinbrink Arranged Waves Just because Stephen Steinbrink moved on up to Olympia doesn’t mean he’s going to stop tagging his albums “Arizona”. Thank goodness. The beautiful, experimental, pensive pop of Steinbrink is simultaneously uplifting and sobering, a dichotomy that must be heard to be understood. Though Stephen is aRead More →