Local Wizards “Thorns“ Released earlier this month, “Thorns” by Local Wizards sets a mellow backdrop for the shifting of seasons happening all around us. Understated yet intriguing, “Thorns” diverges from earlier recordings and we’re digging the direction. The listener will be haunted by the line – “Do you want toRead More →

Photos courtesy of Bridget Jones 1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Bridget Jones.  I was born and raised in Prescott, AZ. I moved down to Tempe after High School to attend ASU obtaining a degree in Business and Interior Design. I currently work doingRead More →

It appears that the band Tugboat has sailed back into port, kinda. The former members of that defunct band, Wayne Jones, Phillip Hanna and Jordan Tompkins, along with newcomer Jason Lauxman, have formed Twin Ponies. And their new EP Pores has got them sailing in a very good direction. Too many timesRead More →

This is a weekend for BIG SHOWS. For Us Presents the It Gets Weird Festival: a three-day event at the Firehouse in Phoenix beginning tonight! Also, this weekend is the second half of Rubber Brother Fest with even more tapes available! This Friday at the Rogue, Doctor Bones makes theirRead More →

Photos courtesy of Welcome Diner It’s a warm night but the misters keep the patrons cool in the friendly enclave that surrounds the Welcome Diner in downtown Phoenix. The short curve of counter seats within the trailer/diner are all taken and folks fill the odd assortment of picnic tables andRead More →

Bryant Vazquez – this is your life! Photo by Monica Saaty We love Arizona but we don’t hold to some crazy fervent love like a state-sized version of nationalism. We can accept that our desert home might not be the place for everyone forever. That being said, it is with hopeRead More →

Foodies should be overjoyed this week as Arizona Restaurant Week is underway and will continue to run through Saturday, September 28th. Get your grub on at a restaurant that probably doesn’t encourage use of the word “grub” when it comes to dining. For $30 or $40 dollars a plate youRead More →

The moment I hear “Post Punk” I go straight into happy feet mode and my head starts bobbing back and forth. Nice Try from Soft Deadlines is filled with slashing guitars and danceable drum and bass work ala Birthday Party, Gang of Four and Wire. The trio of Oliver Lemke(vocals/guitars), Justin Weir(bass/vocals),Read More →

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Audra and Bryan of Factories Being in a band is tough. Being in a band with a significant other is even harder – just ask Greg Allman and Cher, Lindsey and Stevie or Liam and Noel (OK, so the Gallagher brothers weren’t really a couple but they sure did actRead More →

Photos courtesy of Cody Nathaniel Johnson 1. Who are you and what do you do? Hi, my name is Cody Nathaniel Johnson and I am Native American from the Tohono O’odham tribe. I am a fashion designer who’s just starting out but has a long journey to go on fromRead More →

Ghetto Cowgirl “Running With Scissors“ “Running with Scissors,” the new single from Ghetto Cowgirl, is straight-up rock with a side of delicious vocals. Reminiscent of the California sound Van Halen made famous, the riffs on the track are smooth and Marc Norman’s vocal performance is terribly catchy (dang you, Marc),Read More →

This is a week for musical extravaganzas. To start things off we have the first two days of Rubber Brother Fest this Friday and Saturday in Tempe and then Phoenix so you have no excuse for missing out. Also, Friday we have a Five Year Anniversary celebration at the FirehouseRead More →