Photo by Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name of Eric Cox, you’ve probably seen his work. “Welcome to Arizona” and “Wicked Witch of the Southwest”, Eric’s shared perspective on Arizona’s own Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Gov. Jan Brewer respectively, were quite a splash as part of “The Joe andRead More →

Andrew Duncan Brown “All That You Need” Nowhere Man & A Whiskey Girl“If Only I” The Lovelost “Gravity” Mouse Powell“Ruby Slippers” Moovalya“To the Throne”Read More →

If you aren’t sending us your flyers you might be missing out your chance at being one of our Show Picks of the Week! And we’ll always post the flyers we receive to our Upcoming Shows page.  So send us your show flyers (AZ shows/bands only please) to! Some really greatRead More →

Help Asher Deaver Get Well Soon! Asher Deaver first came to our attention for his work as a musician and artist. Now it seems he’s crossing our path again facing less fortunate circumstances. Asher recently learned he has a brain tumor and must have it removed through conscious surgery. TheRead More →

Don’t anger music journalists with some faux pas email act. At this point in our not entirely illustrious career we receive a decent amount of music submissions every week. We try to check out each and every one that comes into us. Well, almost. Occasionally, we’ll just skip right pastRead More →

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I waited for Anthony Fama to arrive for our interview over coffee. To begin with, I guess I expected him to be late. Musicians usually are. I often start most interviews accepting excuses and/or apologies while hoping the artist proves charismatic enough toRead More →

Albums are good. Bands make good albums…. Blanche Beach Blanche Beach Describing the sound of Blanche Beach has become an exercise in contraction; it’s sorta pop and it’s sorta punk but it’s definitely not pop-punk. It’s more rocknroll than anything and occasionally that rock becomes grinding and aggressive like onRead More →

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Matt Micheletti. I am a Sketch and Stand-Up Comedy performer. 2. How did you get your start?I got my start in sketch comedy with First Friday Night Live at the Firehouse Gallery in December 2011. I started doingRead More →

This week we have an amazing new video from Bogan Via plus the new collaborative effort between Running Wild Films and the lovelost as well as the first video from Anthony Fama’s solo endeavors. Bogan Via“Kanye” Vial of Sound“A Lifetime Passed” The lovelost“Ready to Hear You” Anthony Fama “Walls” StRead More →

We’re always looking for new ways to share our findings with our readers. We’ve been on Facebook and Twitter for some time now but recently stepped our game by adding Pinterest, Google + ( and now Instagram!! What we’re trying to say is, we’re here for you – whatever your preferredRead More →

Founders of Chicks with Picks, Rhonda Hitchcock and Pandy Raye by Frank Ippolito If there were a school of rock for woman musicians, Chicks with Picks would be graduate school. In late October of 2007, two veterans of the music industry, Pandy Raye and Rhonda Hitchcock, decided there was a needRead More →