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How does one introduce Space Alien Donald? When we first heard of “Canada’s oldest, gay, hip-hop” artist  open for Treasure MammaL during his Knewage release in November 2010, we knew we had to check this guy out. Although he only performed a few songs that night, we knew we hadRead More →

It’s great to live in a place where every single week we’re finding new, amazing music to share with our readers. The Arizona arts revolution is well underway!  Playboy Manbaby Obsessive RepulsiveThese boys get down. And while hip-hop and funk, surf and rock may all apply to their overall “sound,”Read More →

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Deon Doughty. Throughout the years, I have found a lot of unique ways to express myself artistically, including: painting, music, poetry, film making, acting, directing, lighting, promoting, graphic design and my bread and butter, web development. Currently my creativeRead More →

Skinny Shamans “Skeleteen” Cheery-sounding sad-bastard music might be my new favorite genre. There’s just something about the sweet and cynical all mixed up together and set to a beat you can bop your head to. That’s what you get with the Skinny Shamans: fun-loving music for your world-weary soul. CheckRead More →

There are some really great shows happening this week and, if you manage your time wisely, you can cram your weekend so full of art and music your soul will thank you for it. For more Upcoming Shows, click here or check out the link up at the top! IfRead More →

Vagabond Gods “Turkish” _ The Limit Club “Seven Rusty Blades” _ Yung Dre “Bulletproof” _ The Cold Desert “Pilgrim Standing Still” _ Futuristic – ft. KYLE & SK4MC “I’m A Problem”Read More →

Did you guys get a chance to hear YabYum editors, Mark and Lenore, talk local music on Radio Phoenix last Friday? If you missed The Bungalow Show with DJ Hush, not to worry, it’s being re-broadcast tonight at 9PM (MST)!  A whole host of new Valley radio stations have emergedRead More →

A lot of albums come my way here at YabYum that are quickly categorized as “chick rock” and passed along to resident chick-on-staff. None of the above bands came to me that way despite all the feisty females that make up each band on the bill. That’s the best thingRead More →

Over the many moons of time, Tempe has brought forth some of Arizona’s finest bands and albums. With a lot of hard work, some bands have risen quickly to become staples on the Tempe scene. Combining frequent live performances and solid recordings, these bands developed a deep-rooted following in theRead More →

RAW:natural born artists is a national organization aimed at promoting local arts locally. Arizona is the proud home of not one but two RAW cities (Phoenix and Tucson) that host monthly showcases to highlight some of the best artists of each area. RAW Event Director for both the Phoenix andRead More →

I grew up here, jamming to the Gin Blossoms and the Pistoleros outside of Long Wong’s on Mill long before I was old enough to walk through the door. The music of the Zubia brothers, Hans Olson, Dead Hot Workshop, and a few others helped give shape to what wasRead More →

This week promises amazing music for those brave enough to leave the couch and listen live! Mourn the death of All My Friends through celebration with Good Friends Great Enemies & Small Leaks Sink Ships & more. Dave Speed of Truckers (on Speed) fame joins the bill at Yucca onRead More →