Yup, it’s true. There are a bunch, I mean, a ton of really good rockabilly bands around our fair state of Arizona. We felt rockabilly really should be getting more coverage so we decided to cover three more incredible AZ rockabilly acts in our never-ending quest to expose more-n-more trueRead More →

There are some good shows this week, kids. Get out there!! For more Upcoming Shows, click here. Send us your flyers!! yymeditors@gmail.comRead More →

Okay, so we all know River Jones is a pretty happening guy. I mean, he has his own label, his own agency,  he’s part of the Craftpop collective for world domination PR and Artist Development, and he still had time to mix and master the new North Dakota album. Just this monthRead More →

Tigerface – “Run Right Now” Jazz and The GIANT feat. E Batt – “Fly Out” Dylan Pratt feat. Kristina Moore – “Creature on the Sill” (live) FROGEE – “Fragments Of Yesterday” Virulent – “The Great Destroyer”Read More →

Sure, we like to think we’re everyone’s favorite music and arts blog in the Zona (eh?) but, really, we know there is way too much awesomeness happening right here, right now, for anyone to cover all the angles. That is why we need a network of local press and YabYumRead More →

North Dakota Pat Waggy My crush on North Dakota has gone way past the hearts-on-my-notebook phase. They are everything feisty and fresh; two qualities sorely lacking in too much art these days. When Michelle Blades, one member of the North Dakota trinity that also includes Mo Neuharth and Emily Hobeheidar, migrated acrossRead More →

Arizona is on its way to being a hub for the arts. If you’re one of the people getting out to shows, attending local festivals and events, you know, moving and shaking your way around the Valley, chances are you already are aware of the changes a’brewing. If you’re stillRead More →

Stellacutta STELLACUTTA Stellacutta’s eponymous debut album caught me off guard. “What am I listening to exactly?” Something I still haven’t been able to pigeon hole after weeks of listening. Stellacutta’s album is tagged with “adventure” and that’s what exactly what you get: a musical adventure blurring genres, styles, and eras, seamlessly.  It tookRead More →

Sure, you could go to the McDowell Mountain Music Festival this week. That would be awesome. Or, you could check out some of the other rad shows going on around town at a much more recession-friendly price. You’re call. Just go somewhere. It’s getting hot outside, but don’t panic! IRead More →

FROGEE Press Play For someone like me, the first time you hear Press Play by Phoenix’s FROGEE, you’re hooked. Dubstep+House+Party Music=Success. Synth, wobble and roll baby! Lot’s of oscillations happening on this album. After opening with two all out rockers, “Can’t Control It” and “Press Play,” FROGEE gets serious with “Slender,”Read More →

After 20 years in the desert, Marianne Dissard is returning to Europe. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) marks the last Arizona show for the French chanteuse as a resident Zonie. When I first heard Dissard would be relinquishing her Tucson digs for the wider world abroad, I was a little dismayed. For years nowRead More →

March 20 is Arizona Gives Day, a day for us Zonies to come together and give to the nonprofit organizations that make our communities better. It’s a day for us to stand together and show that we’re not cheap, heartless, money-hoarding bastards. Or, at least, for those of us whoRead More →