Share in our weekly web finds every Thursday at YabYum. We’re going to be updating our AZ Blogs Directory in the very near future so if your blog isn’t on our list make sure you email us a link (!! Gotta love Lightning Octopus‘ weekly feature “5 Awesomely Nerdy Things toRead More →

As part of YabYum’s ongoing effort to cover more music than ever before, we’ve decided to showcase a few different hip-hop acts that are each very much ‘doing their own thing.’ For those not really in the know, there are tons of hip-hop styles flowing all over this state. FromRead More →

Well, it’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for some more AZ music videos! We have some really swell ones this time too so make sure to check ’em out… The Breakup Society – “Your Invitation to Quit” The Riveras – “The Fox” The Devil’s Daughters – “Pass That Bottle” TherapistRead More →

If you’ve never been to Prescott, do so as soon as you can. Known as “Everybody’s Hometown,” this quaint and quiet city offers a nice place to unwind and take a breather from hectic Valley life. Obviously, however, it’s much different if you’re young and live there. Having grown upRead More →

I like to keep the weekends lively, if I can manage it. The week can be overwhelmingly mundane with its paperwork and phone calls and so on. If I don’t pause to breathe in a little art and music and life at the end of it all things could getRead More →

1. Who are you and what do you do? Esther Martinez My name is Esther Martinez and I’m a writer, photographer and videographer. I run ANY_STAGE PRODUCTIONS, a music video blog that features videos, write-ups and photos of local musicians shot in various Phoenix businesses and locations. In an effortRead More →

Another week on the interwebs has yielded some good finds. Please enjoy. Oh, and if you know of any AZ bloggers we should know about please email us at Dee Wallace of The Spec checks out Jivemind’s EP project for aspiring musicians. Learn more about this opportunity for upstartRead More →

Electronic music – from sample-based hiphop to GarageBand compositions, drum-machine dancehall to rhythms written in Reason – is certainly here to stay. This year at YabYum were focusing more on covering all aspects of Arizona music, electronic music being something that we have been somewhat lacking in coverage. So without further ado,Read More →

The Wiley One – “Kill It With Love” Voodoo Swing – “My Rockabilly Martian Gal” Vial Of Sound – “Pop The Beat” Futuristic, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, Prod. by Akt Aktion – “Don’t Mind If I Do” Treasure MammaL – Stevie Wonder to the Bullshit Banana Gun recording LIVE on-lineRead More →

I remember waiting in line outside of Zia’s in Tempe for some album just about to be released. I’m sure many of us music junkies who enjoyed our teen years before the turn of the 21st Century can share a certain fondness for album anticipation. I don’t buy too manyRead More →

Some folks might be wondering if the fancy hot dog fad has run its course. In fact, just before sitting down to write this I noticed my favorite local food writer Gwen Ashley Walters chimed in on the issue over on her blog Pen & Fork. While I’ll agree thatRead More →