Why We’re Thankful This Year…

To our beloved readers,

We’re thankful for all our wonderful readers, both the ones who have been with us from the beginning and those who have found us in since changing to our new blog format! We’re thankful for all our contributing writers, now and over the years! Especially, Mike McQuillian who has been with us (and amazing) since the get-go and Jofrin Pezzati who supremely helped us transition to a blog! We’re super thankful to be part of this amazing, vibrant art community in Arizona! We’re thankful for all the awesome publications/blogs/websites that help create a network of coverage to promote the arts! We’d love to cover everything that comes in but we can’t so it’s great that together a lot of great projects get press (and opinions vary)!! We’re thankful for all the awesome bands making the AZ music scene better than ever!! We’re thankful for all the movers and shakers who keep the art scene bumping!! We can’t wait to thank everyone next month in our annual awards!

The Editors


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