Tressure Hardcastle Answers the YabYum 6

1. Who are you and what do you do? 

I create art with a myriad of materials that find their way to my home. I take an item that is no longer needed by one home and with a bit of paint, glue, wrapping, smashing or whatever the creative process requires, it is reborn as a new piece destined for a new home. From hand recycled paper sculptures to wall hangings, or paintings on re-purposed shelves everything that crosses my path is inevitably going to go through a metamorphosis, and emerge as a creation that spreads its wings and begins a new journey. I have also been bitten by the ‘gourd bug’. A natural and sustainable material supplied by mother earth and its stewards. Rattles made from gourds have become a passion as well as wood burning on these vessels. Music is also a passion of mine and as well as collecting instruments for impromptu music circles I make didgeridoos and end blown flutes.

2. How did you get your start?

I’ve always been creative, and loved art class in school growing up. Though I mostly focused on ceramics while in high school and didn’t do much with art after graduating beyond random doodles. I found my art after I suffered a back injury at work. My world came to a screeching halt when it left me barely able to walk for some years.  It became a healing tool for me to escape from the boredom of being more home bound and deal with the pain. I realized then that my art was really a passion that I had suppressed and as I created more I began to grow and further heal from the remaining physical limitations. I started going to art walks and craft fairs to get more exposure and meet other artists. I have met some really amazing artists, along with the wonderful people who work behind the scenes to make the art walks and shows happen. A big thanks to all the Arts community builders. I show and sell works at various venues throughout the valley year round and also have works available on Etsy.

3. What inspires you? 

I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and Indigenous cultures from all over the world. I have a passion for faeries and the magical little things in life. Their magical musings keep me sketching, painting, and sculpting their fancy faerie ring parties to tucking their sense of fun into everything I create. I’m inspired by helping others, and can always find a creation to donate to a good cause. Other artists who re-purpose things into art really inspire me to keep growing and creating new ways to use forgotten things to bring joy through art and an awareness of our disposable society and how we can all help make a more sustainable future.

4. What do you like about Arizona?

I like how Arizona becomes a melting pot every winter. People from all over coming to enjoy our nice mild winters  and bring little bits of their state cultures and take a little bit of ours back with them. Arizona has many fascinating indigenous cultures, past and living that remind of us a world less electronic. As a lover of nature, who can beat living in a state that has a little of each of the environments from all over the world all in one place. It’s really neat to be able to go from low desert to tundra all in one day. The desert is a magical place where one would not imagine it to be bustling with life but if you sit still long enough and listen with all your senses you can see that life abounds in every nook and cranny. Arizona is like the idea in the mind of an artist, it is a seed waiting for the right conditions to reach for the sky…

5. What would you like to accomplish before you die?

I would like to start many many more gardens, and green the path as I walk it encouraging others to step toward a more sustainable future for all on this planet. To inspire people to add creative outlets to their daily lives. To live in a sustainable earth shelter surrounded by edible landscape and be an example of more Eco friendly living.

6. What is your weapon of choice for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse?

I would use a “Directed energy weapon” also known as the death-ray. Then I could take out whole flocks of zombies.


Snail Quail – The Blurry In Between

Snail Quail

The Blurry In Between

By Byron Carrick

From the first riff on this record, I wanted to see this band live. The production on every song is tight, raw and furiously intelligent. The first song, “Meant To Do” does what an opener is… meant… to… do. Really, it gets things going with a punchy and digestible riff that gets your attention and holds it right into the involved vocal craftwork that is spread through the entire record like a delicious layer of clever butter.

Snail Quail is fun without being silly and is a solid act without the pretentiousness that many bands suffer from these days. These guys are the real deal. The songwriting and lyrical content prove this fact hands down.

I couldn’t pick any real highlights because I found the entire thing to be a highlight. I love the song creation, the track list order and production. Fantastic job to Snail Quail, I can’t wait for the next one!

Snail Quail Facebook
Snail Quail Bandcamp


On Saturday, Sept. 22, Jen Deveroux and her crew of artsy misfits took over the Monarch Theatre in Phoenix for an underground art extravaganza full of zombies, miscreants, and creatives. YabYum was there to take some notes and have some fun!!
Jen Deveroux, our pink-haired queen bee, presided over the festivities.
Fashion knew no bounds at Lampchop.

Artist Jules Demetrius stands ready with a marker and a drink.

Dumps worked on a new piece.

Performance artists mingled with the crowd.
“El Maus” by Champ Styles

Zombies were present but well managed.

Of course, the music was live and loud.

The Immigration Paradox

“After learning about the high number of immigrant deaths in the Arizona desert, Emmy Award Winner and Filmmaker Lourdes Lee Vasquez set out to understand why people would risk their lives to come to the U.S. However, over the course of 7 years searching for answers, her quest takes an unexpected twist when she has an encounter with who she believed was her enemy. What she found will shock you.”

For one night only! Thursday, September 27th at 7:27 PM at the Orpheum Theatre. Ticket’s range from $5-$14.75 and can be purchased here. Watch the official trailer here.

Local musical favorites Tobie Milford and Henri Benard scored and placed tracks for the entire documentary.              


Audioconfusion may just be the best place to record in the Valley, but don’t take my word for it.

Now, I must admit, when I first pulled up to the address provided to me for Audioconfusion I thought to myself, “Really? This is where many of the Valley’s best bands have recorded all those monumental albums?!” I mean there I was, in a quaint neighborhood as far to the east as I ever go, knowing nothing of what lay ahead.

I did, however, have background. It’s been almost three years now that I’ve worked with YabYum and in that time I discovered that a lot of my favorite acts, and their subsequent albums, have been recorded in one place. To give a small sampling, here’s a list of just the bands YabYum has actually covered who have recorded here: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Dry River Yacht Club, Peachcake, Casket Life, Lisa Savidge, Snow Songs, the Necronauts, Daryl Scariot, Tremulants, Ray Reeves, the Premiere, Hello the Mind Control, Former Friends of Young Americans, Dogbreth, Factories, and the Haymarket Squares. This, of course, is only a mere fraction of the overall list that has recorded with Jalipaz at Audioconfusion.

Quite honestly it was this word, Jalipaz, that had first caught my eye. It was on all the best albums: Recorded by Jalipaz. “Now what the heck’s a Jalipaz?” I first thought.

He welcomed me warmly and invited me in. Instantly comfortable is how I would describe walking into Audioconfusion. I definitely understood its moniker “Creative Recording Space.” Wall hangings, tapestries, and paintings adorn the brightly colored interior. Maybe it was the fact that the walls were painted three of the exact same colors as the first house I lived in with my Dad out here in Arizona, but I promptly felt at home.

What happened next became a whirlwind of conversation, music listening, story swapping and general camaraderie with me trying not to get lost as I wrote down everything I could. Here’s what I gathered: In 1995 Jalipaz attended an introductory, 7 week, recording workshop in Ohio; he started Audioconfusion in 1996; in 2004 he wrote the Audioconfusion Manifesto, a calling to like minded musicians to work together in a new way; he opened the doors of the current Audioconfusion in July of 2006; he’s not a musician, although he did play bass briefly (who hasn’t); he is however into NOISE; he not only works with his clients, he becomes good friends with them too; Peachcake camped at Audioconfusion for 6 weeks while they recorded Unbelievable Souls (which comes out September 25); and Tyler Broderick from Diners is teaching his son to play the guitar.

Jalipaz becomes so close with clients in fact he has ascertained an almost cult-like status. Countless pieces of album art, pictures, comics, t-shirts, drawings, altered photographs, heck, even an album name are dedicated to this guy. He even has a Yahoo! answer to the query “What or whom is Jalipaz?”.

But that’s only part of the story.

During our conversation, Jalipaz brought up his partner in audial-crime-fighting, Dan Somers. I could recall Dan from my write-up on his band Lisa Savidge and his involvement with Black Cactus Records (he and Jalipaz were two of the founding members).

Dan’s discovery of Audioconfusion echos my own. As a department head in the early days of Radio Phoenix, he helped amass an entire collection of “relevant” Valley music. Being an engineer and producer himself, but without the finances to open his own studio, he sought a desirable locale to carry out his craft in. So he began scouring through all of the liner notes in the Radio Phoenix catalog and realized all of his favorite albums came from one place. I bet you can guess that place.

If each person has a counterbalance, Dan might serve that role for Jalipaz. As Dan explains, “[Jalipaz] listens to tones as an engineer, and I listen to notes as an artist. He is pure analog in his mindset, and I’m pure digital. He likes to ‘over-engineer’ and then mix down, I like to ‘under-engineer’ and then mix up. He likes simplicity and I like complexity. He likes live, and I like track-by-track.”

Either way, the staggering output of quality material being produced from Audioconfusion continues to grow. Recent releases include the aforementioned Diner’s album Throw Me a Ten (super fun-poppy awesomeness), JJCnV’s brilliant Brainiac Handsome (sell or steal whatever you can to obtain a copy of this rocknroll monster), There There’s Like Love EP (trippy, operatic-esque, shoegazey indie pop), TWiNGiANT’s Mass Driver (“9 songs of heavy fucking sludge metal”) and Happiness Machines’ Burn Metropolis (keeping hardcore punk alive and well by playing it their own way).

But more great albums can be seen in the future of the studio. Current artists working on new material at Audioconfusion include Empire of the Bear (John Martin, along with Ben Gallaty, Andrew Baker, and Ryan Stephenson), the Hashknife Outfit, Snow Songs, Terra Firma, Evening Entertainment Band (Nick Gortari’s solo project), the Oxford Coma, and Ray Reeves.

I believe Dan summed it up best with, “It may or may not be the greatest studio around, but we sure as hell have some of the greatest customers around.” Amen. I promptly look forward to the day of recording my own band here.

by Mark Anderson

Lulubell Toy Bodega’s 4th Annual Dia De Los Muertos Themed Art Show

Lulubell Toy Bodega is hosting their 4th annual Dia De Los Muertos themed art show in November! It is an open platform show meaning they’re looking for paintings, sculptures, custom toys, and anything else that fits the Dia De Los Muertos theme. 
Submissions will be accepted until November 1st, and on display throughout the month of November with the show’s opening reception on Friday November 9th, from 6 to 9pm, as a part of Mesa’s Second Friday Night Out.
Local artists are free to submit artwork and sales are based on a 60/40 Artist/Gallery consignment split. 
Please contact for more information.
Lulubell Toy Bodega website
Dia de Los Muertos Show Facebook Event Page
2nd Friday website

Blog Roll

We’re considering adding a new weekly feature to our blog – the Blog Roll! We spend a bit more time than is healthy wandering around Arizona run websites to discover more of what’s happening around town so we can pass these things along to our readers. The new Blog Roll will just be another way for us to share what folks in Arizona are up… let us know what you think!

Trevor of the band Sun Ghost proves he’s got more in him than amazing songwriting skill in “Tear Down the Wall (Street) – OCCUPY AGAIN” by eloquently expressing what many of us here at YabYum hold true… and, yes, the new Sun Ghost album is coming this Fall.

David Newcombe of the Downtown Phoenix Journal takes a look at the “Urban Revolution” happening here and now. 

Here at YabYum we only cover Arizona artists but I love checking out Electric Mustache for all the latest on the national indie scene. New Music Tuesday is a weekly feature with all the latest releases gathered together in one convenient location! 

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Brie of Sophistifunk turned over her blog to her boyfriend Colton so that he might explain The top 5 reasons guys love fantasy football and the perfect solution if it’s taking over your guy’s life”.  Ladies, let your questions be answered.

Actors Theatre Kicks Off Season

The Actors Theatre of Phoenix is set to kick off its new season this Friday with The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, a “wickedly funny journey of pride, beauty, and the religion of consumerism.” This season promises to spectacular from the gritty crime drama A Steady Rain  to the farcical The Fox on the Fairway, check out the Actors Theatre website for ticket information.