Summer Publishing Schedule

To our beloved readers,
As we come into our third year of publication we are both excited to continue bringing you the latest on Arizona music, art, and culture and a little dismayed to share that there will be a slight delay in our ongoing coverage. Carly Schorman, our editor-in-chief (although she prefers Fearless Leader), has been subject to some health problems that have attempted to interfere with YabYum’s commitment to timely publications in the past with little success. Recently, however, we learned that an extra time-out will be required. In light of this development, we have decided to opt for a Summer Publishing Schedule with a new issue every 6 weeks rather than every month for the remainder of the summer. We hope to resume our normal publishing schedule in the Fall.
Hugs and kisses,
The YabYummers
Just to make it clear…
Original Schedule:
June 1st
July 1st
August 1st
Updated Schedule:
June 15th
August 1st
*resume normal monthly publication schedule

Have you read the new issue yet?

What have we done?! With our Three Year Aniversary Issue only one month away (destined to be our biggest issue ever), we decided to make our May 2012 Issue our biggest issue ever! Enjoy a fan-tabulous array of Arizona art and music from accross the spectrum presented for your enjoyment. Need to locate a cool AZ business or service? Look no further than our Directory of Directories! From Body Art to Venues we got local Arizona covered and we’re always expanding.

So, check out the new issue now! It provides everything you could possibly want from a publication. Amazing bands, not so amazing bands, art expos, pie trucks for your pie hole, photography, blogs, video games, comics, and boobies. Yep, I said it. This issue has boobies, but it’s artistic though so don’t be weird about it. Why are you even reading this? You could have started reading the new issue by now. It is an amazing issue. There’s now less than a month before our three year birthday. In dog years we will finally be allowed to drink legally. For those of you who can’t get enough Yum, don’t forget to check this blog for constant updates throughout the month!

Just a reminder that there is only one YabYum and we’re all a part of it.

Don’t forget, “Rules and models destroy genius and art.” 
– William Hazlitt 

Shameless at the Firehouse Gallery

With only 5 days remaining, now is the time to head out to the Firehouse Gallery to catch SHAMELESS. This queer-friendly art show features local GLBTQ artists and will continue through May 6th so don’t miss your chance to see all the fabu art.

Maybe if you’re lucky (as we were) you’ll find some of the artists on hand for an impromptu meet-n-greet!!