So much going on!

We’ve been really busy this month. Spring brings a whirlwind of local events and arts… sorta like everyone is trying to cram in adventure before summer hibernation sends the weaker ones into hiding. Here are some moments from the month so far…

Ape Shit hosted by Jen Deveroux
Fashion Fundraiser
A little luck on Friday the 13th. Mitch (above) gets tattooed by Danny at Love & Hate Tattoo. Keri (below) returns to continue her support of the tradition. Read more here.
DJ in purgatory? No, no, no… Epiphany Studios and Victory Angel Films hosted an open house complete with a wine, vodka, and cupcake tasting. 

What are YOU doing this weekend?!

Two really cool things are happening this weekend. Well, I’m sure more than two, but I’m only telling you about these two now. The first is the 11th Annual Katsina Doll Marketplace happening
Saturday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Heard Museum. “More than 100 Hopi katsina doll carvers will gather to show and sell their unique creations…” And also as a note: “This will be the FINAL Katsina Doll Marketplace, so be sure to visit this year!”

The other really cool event happening all this weekend is the 29th Annual Glendale Jazz & Blues Festival. But the real cool part imo is “Something to Write Home About,” an interactive art element during festival. “Under the guidance of Artist educators Gregory Sale and Angela Ellsworth, 28 ASU students enrolled in Intermedia courses at the School of Art, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, will present a series of interactive performances and installations that will unfold over the 2 day festival. This series of diverse and engaging activities will respond to the culture of jazz and blues, while also considering the concept of home and community.”

Sounds pretty freakin’ awesome to me!

North Dakota Makes Noise at Silent Auction

Last night, I attended ASU’s Photographer’s Association Silent Auction in downtown Phoenix. I was hoping to score some smoking deals on original art from the talented students and faculty offering pieces for the auction. I did not win my bid but a swell time was had by all.  

North Dakota was on hand to liven up First Studio with general ruckusness. It was awfully dark in that room so photographs were a bit much for me… I stole this shot from River Jones, all in good spirit.

If you haven’t checked out North Dakota’s album, do it now. Right here.

The show was super packed. I was tempted to started pushing my way through but opted for blogging my aggression at a later time. River Jones did not take this picture.

Friendly Photo Club volunteers were on hand to register bidders. River Jones did not take this picture.

Amazing April Articles

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With upstart AZ publications coming and going all the time, we here at YabYum are letting our dear readers know that this is still just the beginning!

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