Vote for Mary Jane

Hey stoners! Mary Jane Smokewear is running a contest to see who can design the best “Vote 4 Mary Jane” themed t-shirt.  The winner gets $200 cash, $150 in Mary Jane Smokewear merchandise, their winning design made into a t-shirt, and 12 of the finished shirts for free!

For more information go to:

However, we included most of the details for you below.
Just in case you’re, you know, feeling…”lazy.”

GUIDELINES – Final art to be sized no bigger than 13″ x 19″ and submitted via email to – must be submitted in one of the following formats: pdf, Adobe Illustrator, high resolution jpeg – keep design to 4 colors or less.  (Winner announced July 4th)
WINNER – will be based on following the above theme and guidelines & the amount of ‘likes’ your design gets on our FaceBook page between 4/20 and the 4th of July
PRIZES – $200.00 CASH + your design made into a Mary Jane Smokewear t-shirt & 12 of those shirts + $150.00 in Mary Jane Smokewear merchandise

Int’l. Horror and Scf-Fi & Phoenix Film Festival

The International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival is set to occur in conjunction with the Phoenix Film Festival this year.  The festivals go down March 29-April 5th, 2012 at Harkins Scottsdale 101.

 Be sure to check out our new “We Love Cinema” page (at the top of the blog) for even more of the best local cinema coverage.

For more info on the Phoenix Film Festival and this year’s International Horror and Sci-Fi film festival go to: