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The new front page!

Thing. There have been some significant changes to the front page of Yab Yum Music and Arts, but do not let that scare you. The new February issue is out and Yab Yum is better than ever! This year we at Yab Yum are going to be taking the local arts by the horns, wrestling them down, and beating them into submission…well, not really. Either way, it is 2012 and after a month long break in January Yab Yum is back! Be sure to check out the new Yab Yum!
Our directories are growing all the time, and quite frankly they are some of the most fabulous user friendly resources for Arizona local music and arts out there.  Please let us know if we are missing anything.

Don’t forget the new issue:
Yab Yum Music and Arts Vol. IV Isssue 1
Featuring articles on The NEW Dag Nabbit Stubs, Lost in Atlantis, Ladylike, Andrew Collberg, and so much more.

We are continually, changing, updating, adding, and improving this blog so be sure to check back frequently for all your music video, film, music, local artisan feature, and update needs.  If you feel like you’ve got what it takes and need to be featured somewhere on our blog please let us know!  We’ve added several pages to this blog, and are diligently working to get them all in complete working order.  The “Free Music” directory will be updated and have even MORE free music within the next week.   Until next time friends…

                             Keep on Yab Yummin’

Blog Editor’s Note: I’ve added secret Yab Yum exclusive content to this blog…shhh. You’re hardcore if you are reading this! xoxo
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