Prizefighting Kangaroo Episode 05: Best of the B-I-N-G-E

Hosts Amy and Ashley along with Producer extraordinaire Devin talk up all their favorite BINGE worthy TV shows and movies in this latest episode of the PFK…

band basics 700

Band Basics Episode 01: Brandon Kellum

Brandon Kellum joins us for our inaugural episode of Band Basics — where we delve into what it’s really like being a working musician…

unhinged 500

Prizefighting Kangaroo Episode 04: Unhinged.

On this episode, “Unhinged.”, we welcome our first guest, arts and music writer Jason Keil. Together, we discuss movies that we found so disturbing and uncomfortable to watch that the thought of revisiting them makes us nervous wrecks! We’ll explore how ones we have revisited, even knowing what terrors await, still keep us tortured.