Band Basics Episode 03: Ryan Avery

Ryan Avery joined us for our third episode of Band Basics and we talk the basics on forming a band, running a label, not sinking your money into backstock plus a whole lot more. Hosted by Mark Anderson, catch this hour long conversation with Ryan and (hopefully) learn a thing or two as they discuss a myriad of topics about being in the music business…

merry wives 700

The Mortician’s Daughter 003: Merry Wives and Black Widows

In this installment of The Mortician’s Daughter we discuss what differentiates a Black Widow from your run-of-the-mill murderess and discuss some famous Black Widows from history. We also do some real life exploring of the Mystery Castle on South Mountain in Phoenix and discover the macabre story behind the “chocolate organ” that sits in the castle’s wedding chapel…

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Prizefighting Kangaroo Episode 06: Two-Faced

Amy and Ashley discuss the two-faced dynamic of some of Hollywood’s most memorable features…