YabYum Presents: Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula [a space-noir podcast]

Coming in Autumn of 2019, YabYum Music + Arts is proud to present “Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula” – an original, science-fiction, space-noir podcast…

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Band Basics: Mike Zimmerlich

For our fourth episode of Band Basics, we asked Mike Zimmerlich of 80/20 Records to join us in the studio. As the co-founder and President of 80/20, we talk shop on running a record label, submitting your music, contacting the press, plus a whole lot more. Hosted by Mark Anderson, catch this hour long conversation with Mike and (hopefully) learn a thing or two as they discuss a myriad of topics about being in the music business. Check out our interview with Mike below as well as his Spotify playlist that not only features the two songs we preview in this episode, but a bunch of bands both local and abroad…

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Prizefighting Kangaroo Episode 10: Whit’s Up! — Movies Directed by Whit Stillman

In our continued celebration of directors in 2019, for this episode we’ve invited a guest — Phoenix-based journalist Tom Reardon — to join us to chat about one of his favorite directors, Whit Stillman. With only seven movies under his directorship, Stillman hasn’t been terribly prolific but he has managed to maintain a following and create opinions about his movies that often follow the lives of young, rich kids in NYC. Let’s just say not everyone in this convo holds the same level of fandom… of the director and of socialites…